Lost and broken

It's such a long story. The main thing is really I have lost my entire life due to the most selfish people on earth. I have been married for 19 yrs. The one I married now feels he is above everything including me the one who got him there. He is now verbally and emotionally abusive. It's as if he is a stranger. He wants to cast me out into a world alone with no work experience or skills. His business that I helped build has destroyed him and taken him into a different world of lower class people and women who are needy. Now I am left to figure out how I will live. I am so down I really don't want to live. I'm just too old to start over.

I feel so angry, I want him to suffer, I ordered 3 spells already asking the spell casters to cast revenge spells that make him suffer and lose his business that in a way was mine also but he will never recognize it, so I prefer him to lose all. I want him to feel the loneliness I feel. I am devastated, what I am going to do now, nobody will give me a job not even as a cleaner because I am too old. He didn't want me to work, he asked me to stay with him and help him build this company, that now, I don't own not even a penny. I don't have money to pay any rent no even a room. I am living at my best friends house, for now, but I need to leave soon, she has 2 kids and we don’t have enough space here to live comfortably.

Why I left my career I regret that so much, I used to be a good lawyer, but now, 20 years after not being in business no one will hire me. I am dead to them.

I am lost and broken, no love, no money, no kids, no family, nothing, just my best friend here giving me her heart, helping in the worst moment of my life. She was there when I get lost and broken and I will always remember that. Please universe help me, help me and I just to die but I don't really want to, I feel there is no other option out there. What am I going to do now… Please send me a signal, guide for the right path. I am here alone and lose I need your help. Lost and broken is too much, I need to feel that there is a light at then end of the road.

I used to love him so much, he was my everything and now he is the reason if my suffer. I hate him, I do not know how could he do this to me. I gave him all.

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