Long Lost Friend

I haven't seen him since fifth grade, and I've been thinking about him recently. I don't really have major feelings for him, he was just one of my best friends, and I lost his phone number. He moved to Hawaii, but I wish I could see him again When we started high school unfortunately we went to different school so from that moment I started to see him less and less every year. But our time together was so great that still remain in my thoughts.

We use to play football together, practice basket also and spend tone of time together. His mother was a great woman, always prepared us great food, cakes, ice cream… she was kind and smart. Used to work a lot but from the moment she arrived home she was so available for laying, talk, cook whatever we need or us. The three of us used to have fun I must admit and she also used to do readings for us, she was king of witch, but I never saw her casting a sell I must confess.

She teaches me that if you are a genuine person, keeping genuine people in your life is not a difficulty if you communicate well. Having a good friendship includes good communication always. If we not communicate well that may be too much of a strain on energy to remain close friends and the relationship may become distant. I missed my long Lost Friend.

Being a genuine person can leave you vulnerable, but sometimes other genuine people recognize it and the relationship grows into a friendship very easily, this one will last for ever. It is not easy to make new friends, I tried and believe me, finding someone that make you feel good is not easy at all, I failed so many years. Not everybody’s social skills are in the same place at the same time, there is something magic in it also.

I think that as you get older, you become picky for all, including friends. As a kid you don’t care. You like baseball, Mike likes baseball, so Mike is now a friend. As an adult a friend is a serious investment, we do not have much time so we think carefully with who you will share this free time. You have a job you come home after work pretty much dead... so meeting a friend starts to be a special date.

When you are young there is something hard, very hard, that use to happen: people will easily betray you, people will spread rumors, people will do anything to achieve their goals, and as a young person normally you feel bad about anyone of this situations. But As we grow older, another problems comes into play, but at the end we always need and look for the same, we need someone we can trust and that’s one hell of a requirement. I miss him so much, I want my long lost friend back now.

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