In serious need please

Hello, my name is Noah Howell. The situation I am asking your help with is financial related. I just turned 20 today. My boyfriend moved me into his best friends house about four months ago, covering my rent this whole time while I find a job. Then a month ago he moved in. He recently found out his friends been emotionally harassing me and is emergency relocating us.

To do this we both need an income, because he works as a manager in a pizza business, it'll be too difficult. I can't find a job but I have looked EVERYWHERE. I don't care what you do (lottery, employment, luck) but I'm begging you! Do please do what You find best! Not going to lie- I'm extremely scared! I want my significant other to not do it on his own financially! I need to help my share 

The first option is to find a new job, but the last one ended but so won´t recommended me. Maybe I can look for a job in another area like seller in a store or something or bartender. Do you know which one pays better? So much to think, now it is difficult to find any job, because I am too younger and I don´t have any experience. Second option is to get a lottery spell, I think about it for the last days and I am willing to try, but there are so many fake casters that I don´t know where to go. Do you have any name to recommend me? Does anyone have results after casting a money spell?

Life is so hard, I am afraid that if I can´t find a job we will need to separate, and I will need to go to my sister house which is one hour and a half from the city were we live now and where he works too…

Also she has a husband and 4 kids, so I will have to live in a couch until I find another place…. My life is a mess but I want to do right. The thing is that I don´t want to lose my relationship. I love him and he is very nice with me… he always takes care of me like no one did before. Life is hard and I am too young I wish the best for us, I am in serious need, we are in fact. I look at my life and I think about solutions but I am doubting, I need help. I wish to go back to school also, so many dreams, so many things to do…. But for all of them unfortunately I need money that I don´t have at the moment. My family can´t help me with that, neither my friends. I am in a away alone here, depending on my boyfriend that is so nice and I want to help him, I want to do right this time and take care of my new job too.

I wish help and I promise to do things better. In serious need please! :/

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