I wish to win the lottery Jackpot

My wish is to win the Jackpot for the California daily 4 and the California fantasy 5. I have been playing the same numbers for a while and twice already when I had forgotten to get my ticket my numbers won. I am in desperate need of trying to be financial secure as I am unemployed and am doing my best to not have money problems. I do have credit debt which I am fixing. I have learned my lesson and do not have a single credit card and have no desire to gain anymore. I just want to be able to take care of my child without worring about where I am going to get money to buy food and clothes. I am not a greedy person. I only want to win the jackpot of these lottery games. Most people would like to win the mega millions or the super lotto but it maybe out of my reash for that but I still play in hopes that maybe God will bless me and I will win either or both the jackpots. If I did win the mega millions or the super lotto I would give money to my parents to pay their bills as they have so kind enough to help me out financially when I needed it. I would also pay off my car note in full and give money to my friends who have helped me out when I was in need. But if I only won just the daily 4 and the fantasy 5 (which is my true wish) I would pay off my car and pay the people who have lent me money.

I wonder who invented the money, I wish that word doesn't exist, I am tired of debts and thinking about how to pay them I wish to win the lottery Jackpot now so I never have to be worried again about it.

I am always stress, when I get my salary after a week I have nothing so I need to start using the credit cards to buy food and gasoline. It is so bad, I do not want to live like this longer, I need a change in my life I need some help here. I wish to win the lottery Jackpot, my kids deserve a better life, we all do. I wonder is after so many years playing I will finally hit it!

I will be so happy and realized. I love my children I wish to spend more time with them, and to take them to the movies and can buy them new clothes… I am always nervous because of money, the need a happy mum.

I wish to win the lottery Jackpot and pay all my debts and help my parents too. After that I will live quiet and happy, knowing that I have the money to send them to the university. I always dream about it, they are so smart!

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