I wish the love of my life would take me back

Within the last six months I lost the love of my life. She was the one person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I wish to have her love me again and be with me forever. I also wish for her to understand the turmoil I have been going through the last six months, and I also wish for her to know how madly in love with her I am. I wish the love of my life would take me back.

When she left me for my best friend it burned, I didn´t want to continue living, I was devastated. I hated them both for a long time but most him because he was my best friend since we were 6 years old. Then I realized that more than anything, I wanted my family back together. I tried to talk to her many many times, but never succeeded, she was saying that she was sorry but now she love my friend. I knew that I needed a Customized Love Spell because my situation was so messed up and she was son convinced about her decision.  About three months later she and my ex best friend had a nasty falling out but she didn´t came crawling back yet. I know he cheated on her and she was devastated, I tried to call her but she don´t want to speak about it yet; she says she is not ready. Well I am ready to get her back; I am waiting for her to give the first step because last time she asked me not to be pushy. I wish the love of my life would take me back. I think when she returns we can go to couple's counseling to help us deal with this situation. I am not the kind of person who will remember every time we fight about the cheating. When I look into the future I never look back, so I am sure about it. But maybe she needs some advices.

I still remember how her hair smell, I like her so much, I wish the love of my life would take me back and be happy like before, like we always be. I know she is the perfect mother for my kids, we always laugh and never fight, we are positive person and we like spending time with family and friends, we enjoy life a lot, I miss her! I try to meet other women but no one is like her, not even close.

If they like family, they don´t like my friends, or maybe like fighting for stupid things, they don't like to go to the movies or they cook like hell… hahaha she was a great chef. I miss her deserts. And the tomato soup she does during the winter… OMG she is perfect, she is the one for me.

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