I wish for happiness

just wish for peace and acceptance of disabled individuals and that people recognise their humanity and the right to a quality of life regardless of their behaviours. wish for peace and understanding and appreciation be nice too
oh my neighbours to return the money they borrowed way back but they buying mopeds instead of paying me back and they still owe allot 9 thousand to be exact yup they took us to the cleaners i guess i was stupid for trusting and lendingout the only savings we had. They dont seem to care that my kids need it now. oh yes and the one i love and adore is so busy working he has no time for me and some more frequent communication be really really lovely is what makes me happy and of course my kids to stay and be healthy and sucessful in life constantly worry about them but that is normal just hope they do well. I hope that when my boy wiht disability has to go to a group home that i will be able to manage to let go even thinking about it is terrible but it is what has to happen for his needs. He hopefully will adjust well and i will still see him everyday so he doesn forget who his mom is. Please if you see a disabled person take a moment say hello make their world a better place too by acknowleding them I wish for a world like that where noone no longer is mean to these people who have no intent and human frailties or planned meaness. we have so much to learn from them and yet dont take time to learn Perhaps one day we will take another look and see how we can grow and change to be even better from these individuals. I hope they too feel loved cause for many of them it si such a lonely existence. Hapiness and peace to all may you each day wake up with a smile on your face and know you worthy of hapiness.

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