I wish He would believe in US and take the next step

I wish my BF of 3 years would realize that I am the ONE for him and would not be afraid of taking the next step. I wish he would see that it would be the best if we finally move in together. if we start out lives together. He is always afraid that things in future don’t work out between us. I wish he would loose his fear and start believing in US and in OUR future TOGETHER.I just wish I would be his wife one day and live happily ever after together. So mote it be!

I have a boyfriend! I never thought it would happen but it did after I had the lucky with love spell cast. He is absolutely wonderful and I have never been happier in my life! I wish He would believe in us and take the next step, I am ready to get married, I want the dress, the party, the family and a beautiful child, I want it all with him.

He says he wouldn't rush to get married because we can't go higher than marriage, besides when things go downhill people usually complain, or want to know why there marriage did not work, when it went exactly the way its supposed to go. He says that if I put so much pressure on trying to get married he will do it just not to hear me asking that again, but not because he really feel like doing it.

That is true, he is right in that point but why he is unsure about our future.

My therapist says that He should provide the reasons he doesn’t want to marry, and I should provide the reasons I do. Then we will each know the “why” of the other side, which may be enlightening enough to make the decision of whether to stay or go more obvious. But I am afraid that if I push with this conversation we will end braking up. I do not want that at all. I wish He would believe in our relationship and take the next step. I dream about the moment when he will propose and I cannot wait anymore. I am desperate. All my friends are already married, and 3 of them pregnant. I want to get to that stage too.

I wish He would believe in us and take the next step, but he is afraid of being screwed over if things do not work out and end in divorce. The difference between us is that I know for sure that we wont fail but he is hesitant because he thinks that we need to know more each other before taking the big step.

I wonder if he will fell sure someday before the next decade ends, because I don´t want to wait so much. I am ready and men are always afraid of real commitment.

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