I want to look healthy

I want to gain lot of weight so I could look healthy, beautiful and sexy. I am tired of everyone ridiculing me saying that I am too small. I am tired of not finding my clothes size in the stores. I want my weight back. Everyone in America is worried about getting too fat and when they see me they think that they are better being overweight than my size. I had my normal weight before. People used to tell me to watch my weight. I want to be plump, chubby fat so I could look more attractive. I don't care. I want to be anything that is not underweight. My body is mine. It's not jealous evil spirits who should pick size for me. I want to be the size that make me look and feel sexy. I want all the young, handsome and successful men to be in love with my body. I want to make money with my body and be proud of it.

I never had problems with my body, I used to have a great body but suddenly I started to lose weight. I went to the doctors and they say that I have to win it eating, but even if I tried different types of diets no one worked. I asked them to give pills to help me gain weigh but they denied me that option.

They say that if I take medicine for that then I it is difficult to stop gaining, and my body might need then a treatment to stop gaining weigh. I don't believe it, and I don't care I just want to look healthy.

I look anorexic, no one wants to talk to me when I go out, I think they even fear me because I look ugly. I want to feel good, I want to feel happy and want to look healthy, I don't think is a big deal, but doctors are making all more difficult here. I like having a curvy body; I miss my ass that was so much bigger than now. I cannot wear trousers now; they look like empty on my back. I hate that. Guys laugh at me.

I believe that if I can get some vitamins or medicine that makes me feel hanger that would help me a lot. I eat normal, 3 pieces of pizza for example. But I guess I should eat 5 to gain weight. I want to look healthy like before, with my beautiful body, if I could get a better body that would be great also, like bigger breast hahaha. Don't know, this is a website for wishes, well I am here wishing without limits. I like my face fortunately, but I have some scares, so if my wish can also make them disappear that could be awesome. I am glad I found this website, reading your stories and writing mine makes me feel very good.

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