I want to know I had demons blood or black dragons blood inside of me

I wish I knew if I had demons blood or black dragons blood inside of me. And if I could and how to use it as a substitute to Wiccan blood. I always felt stronger than my brothers and sisters, even than my friends at school, not only when we were training but also life in general. I always have more energy than the rest, and they always ask me for help when they are not powerful enough for something.

I also sometimes feel that can control my dreams, interfere in the stories I will dream about later, which is something I really enjoy doing every night. If I think strongly in something that I would like to dream (I do a kind of meditation for 20 minutes with my eyes closed) then I go to bed and 90% of the times, I can dream something relative to that emotion.

I feel special, but sometimes I feel like shit, because suddenly the last 2 weeks I cannot control my dreams anymore, and I feel tired most of the time. I wonder if I really have those special powers I always thought. I want to know if those powers are for real. Maybe a witch can help me? I am not sure but I need to have this clear.

I always dreamed about casting my own spells also. That would also allow me to help people and friends. But the bunch of spells I had tried never worked, unfortunately.

I have big wishes and dreams. I want to be an immortal sun god with all these powers hydrokinisis pyrokinisis powers from the sun, also to have psychic hexing poltergeist and the ability to take other peoples thoughts as my own and for me to stay in power forever. It would be great also to take the circle of the forbidden lunar as my own clan.

Another thing I would like to have is transcendental perception, usually this referred to as the sixth sense. I have a lot of intuition, the ability to be aware of the events, thoughts, activities and feelings of others, whether they are physical, mental, and emotional, spiritual, physical or even spiritual. But the problem is that the power is not permanent, it comes and goes. And sometimes I need it and I don´t have it, so wish to have it permanently.

People with psychic abilities can know things without having any prior knowledge, and some of them believe that a higher self or even a spiritual guide has given this knowledge to them. Also they think that this psychic ability has simply been downloaded from the mind.

I want to know what powers I do already have, and I wish to have the other powers and abilities I always dream about, but until now are yet to come. I wish to have ability to perceive things in the world with a sixth sense. Once I get what I want I will be prepare to share it with all of you.

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