I want to have a muscular body, have sex with my friends and lots of money and fun

My name is Muhammad Takie. I was born at 18th June 1990. Envy is always on me, on my body. It is a constant battle that wars against our heart and soul. I experience envy over other peoples’ appearance, talents, relationships, and bank accounts. It offers no positive contribution to my life, I know that. But yet, it remains. I know it is time to break free. Certainly, each of us desires to live in freedom from jealousy and envy. Now I want to revert all these feelings and have a muscular body as always dreamed, also to make some dreams come true. I have feelings for these few people and I wish to have these things:  1. I wish I have RM 500,000 and spend it at One Utama with Muhammad Syathmiz (1990), Zarol Nizam (1990), Syed Muhd, Chan Kuk Chan(1990), Aniq Ikhwan(1990), Syed Shahril (1990) and Muhammad Qahart bin Jumanji(1990).  2. Immediately after the first task is done, all of us stayed at Sunway Lagoon Resort for 7 days 6 nights and we have full access to all park and we all have the fun of our life and all of us have sex in the hotel room with Muhammad Syathmiz (1990), Zarol Nizam (1990), Syed Muhd, Chan Kuk Chan(1990), Aniq Ikhwan(1990), Syed Shahril (1990) and Muhammad Qahart bin Jumanji(1990). . I want to have sex with them because they are handsome, buff, delicious and chubby. :)  3. I would also want Jay Cutler to train me and Muhammad Qahart bin Jumanji until we become as buff as him and gives me muscle supplements for free 4. I want Muhammad Syahmi bin Abdul Latiff to have the buffest and sexiest body of his life, have infinite number of sperms for me to enjoy and becomes my sex slave. 5. I also want Muhammad Syahmi bin Abdul Latiff to return to the old school which I am schooling now. I wish to be famous in my school, popular and wanted. 6. Lastly, I want Muhammad Syathmiz, Zarol Nizam, Aniq Ikhwan and Muhammad Qahart bin Jumanji to have further studies at UITM Shah Alam together and stay in one house and have sex all the time until graduation. 7. I want all to have fun, sex, and enjoy money without taking care of it. Drink, dance, laugh, have fun like we never did before. 8. My body will be perfect, with hard muscles and skinny, great ass and a little bit taller than now. 9. I wish to have A in all the subjects I have at school. And I will have great opportunities choosing my University. I want to be a successful person, great doing business and creating new products. I like a lot designing and I think I am great doing it. 10. Remind myself that nobody has it all. Stop comparing my life with others.

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