I want to be with the Man of My Dream

Being in a happy relationship has been my dream ever since I was a little girl. Why is it so slow to come? Why I keep meeting the wrong men? I am more than ready to be in a happy relationship. I want to be with a man who is special. Who has a respectable profession and a good income. A man who will open the door of opportunity for me and I would do the same for him. I want to be in a relationship where I am giving lot of love and receiving a lot also. I want to be with a man who enjoy spending time with me, who enjoy having a conversation with me, who is very open with me, who trust me with anything. Someone who is proud of me, someone who calls me special and introduces me to his family. Someone who enjoy making love to me and I enjoy making love to over and over. A man who want me to be the mother of his children. A man who listens to me and take my advice and a man who supports me. A man who enjoy spending money for me, giving me the best of the gift in the world. I want love, romance and happiness with the right person.

Lastly, another important thing in a relationship is friendship. This is the most important part of a relationship at least for me. To have the same interests, and laugh at the same jokes is so nice. To be able to know what each other is thinking before telling a word.

When you laugh until your stomach hurts like with your girl friends and it feels like you are at a pajamas party like when you were 13. Your partner should not just be your love…they should be a good friend. A good friendship means equals fun, and fun to me is essential for having a healthy relationship.

Another important thing in a relationship is trust. Trust that your partner is one hundred percent committed to you, feel confident about the idea. Trust that your partner always has your best interest at heart. Trust that when you are down, your partner will pick you up better than a friend. You know… like, when you are sad, your partner will make them self look like a complete tool, just to get you to crack a smile. Or when you don't feel good, your partner makes you homemade cake and serves you in bed along side your favorite tea.

I swear I will make this man the happiest man in the world if he has all the qualities I am looking for, and he treats me right. I want this new beginning. I want it today. I want it NOW! If you have difficulty finding a love relationship like me, it can be all too easy to get discouraged and to engage in the "one man, one woman" approach to love and relationships… I am tires of being lonely or meeting the wrong man.

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