I want my love and money and anything i wish comes true

I wish my money problems would get fixed. That I get money some way either find money or that my daughters father can get a good job that pay very well. Also I would like for my family to stop struggling with money. That there money problems fix to. I would also like my family to help me with money.

I am in debt; I am very complicated at the moment with the mortgage. If I cannot fix this situation in the next 3 months I will lose my home and my kinds won't have a place to go, a roof over their heads.

I work from Monday to Saturday all day and the money I get is not even close form the money I need.

I experienced the shame of poverty and the hardship of life as a child, also my brother, so I became determined to study hard and become rich in the future, to enjoy wealth and luxury, and to have others admire and look up to me. After more than ten years of bitter study, I was only able to enter a third-class university, but I wasn't discouraged. I believed that as long as I worked hard, I could still become rich. I study a lot, became a journalist but when I started to work I discover that the money I win wasn't enough for being rich as I always dream. I keep some money and I open a little restaurant here in Minneapolis, but I work all day and week and the money I get is not even close of my dreams or fair with the tone of hours I spend into that place.

I need to move faster, I need something better here. I have been thinking a lot, I am so desperate that I started playing Lottery and Jackpots but nothing is working for now. Bank won't lend me money since I cannot pay my mortgage lately. This is so unfair, I am a hard worker person I deserve better. I wish I could make my wishes come true, even if I work for them every day, nothing is working here. I need an advice, a sign from the universe that guide me to the right path.

We live in a society that cares only about money, and even though money can't do everything, you can't do anything without money! Only money can allow you to enjoy a better life, hold your head high, and make others look up to and admire you. Unfortunately, things didn't go as smoothly as I expected. This was when God's gospel of the last days came to me. My brothers and sisters saw how I agonized and lived in misery to earn money, and fellowshipped to me. Even if I trust God I need him to hurry, if you know what I mean. I hope he hear me and make my wishes come true.

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