I want my boyfriend back

My relationship was broken up by an outside party. Remove her and bring my boyfriend back to me. Because it was something that I did not do, I am asking that the spirits guide him back to me and remove her from our lives permanently. Let there be no harm done to her, just remove her from our lives forever and bring my love back.

February 2023, my ex-boyfriend (boyfriend at the time) was being rather distant with me. We had been dating for three years and had been through a lot during these three years, like we lived 2 life in one, too much family problems, at work and an illness fortunately fixed also, I must admit that he also cheated on me and being forced into a long-distance relationship with poor communication after his boss decided to send him to New York (we live in Florida).

I work in a Kindergarten and I can´t ask them to move me to another School as they do not have another school in New york, so full of sadness I had to stay here. I want my boyfriend back I miss him a lot, but he needs to learn the lesson.

Anyway, during the last few weeks of our relationship, communication was minimal and I kept begging him to let me help with his family issues but he just continue pushing me away. I ask him if there was someone else, he answered no, but I always doubt it.

I asked him if he still loved me, he wasn´t sure, I almost die in that moment. Then he started to talk about all my mistakes, and that just made me feel even worst.

The most sad in his story is that only a few days after our break up he is posting pictures on his Instagram of himself with his close friend’s ex girlfriend at the time.

This is when what I suspect I started to think it was real. And that this woman was the real reason for breaking up with me.

Yesterday i found him in the supermarket, he lives 5 blocks from home… and he started talking about our past, about how much he missed our relationship and me, about how he regrets his actions, but I deny him, his words does not say the same than his Instagram… He was a horrible person to me, I want my boyfriend back

But I want him to suffer before letting him come back to me. He made me feel like everything I did was wrong while he was cheating on me with his ex girlfriend. Anyway, I’ve really grown on my own so even if I want my boyfriend back I know I want him back for good, I have no mercy for what he did or for him. So if he don´t learn his lesson I will cast a revenge spell before accepting him back.

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