I want him back

I want a spell to be cast to break these two up forever and bring him back to me. Had she not thrown herself at him, he would still be with me. I am positive of this.

Went through the exact same situation 7 years ago and it has been devastating. We spent almost two years together, everything was just perfect…… then his depression set it. After a few months of episodes getting worse he couldn´t manage to solve them and experienced a suicide attempts. I said I was calling 911 and putting him in treatment and I was kicked out of the house, yes he kicked me out and didn´t let me pick up my staff, he just put all into plastic bags and ask me to pick it up after a week saying that he doesn´t need any treatment. I was very sad I just want him back but I knew he needed help first. I called him every day, he stopped answering and this neighbor we used to have started to give him home made food and staff to start talking to him… she was clever and he is a man, what can I say. The thing is that now she moves in with him, I cannot believe it. It is very hard, he broke my heart but I know his hear is pure I want him back he needs real help. He is just confused.

Can you imagine? I was the one person who stood by his side through all of it and I was abandoned just like that and our relationship suddenly was over.

At the moment he continues to blames and lash out. He drinks and self medicates. It kills me to see him suffer like this, knowing that he won´t let me help him.

What did i do to deserve this. I want to be happy, to have my family back, he was my family. I want him back. The kind genuine perfect boyfriend I used to know is gone and is gone with another woman. He’s been replaced by this ugly person that don´t remember anything good about us, all our great time together.

He never even told me thank you for everything I did to help take care of him. He just run into her arms without past or history, he chose to write a new story just like that...

My spell caster says that he is not the one, she always did, but I love him. She asked me to forget him, but also offered me a spell in case I cannot stand myself and I want him back anyway. I am trying not to ask any spell yet, waiting for him to realize that I am his true love. But if I continue feeling so sad I will for sure ask her help, she has been always there for me, she is my angel and she will always be.

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