I seek results

I wish for the spell Doris cast for me to work just as I hoped for and soon! I wish to see the results I desire, and wished for. I did the ceremony, keeping my energy positive, and hoping to see the results I prayed for soon! I appreciate this spell casting more then anything! I'm putting all of my faith in you! Please I hope all of your wishes come true!

I believe in her or the power behind it in my own energies, she has great reviews and also contacted her about a year ago for a money spell that worked excellent within 3 weeks. Now that I have these love issues I decided to contact her again and fortunately she is still on business. This is what is happening to me now, five weeks ago, I asked her to get my ex-girlfriend to give me another fair chance. I gave her as much information as I could because it let her choose better the ritual that is needed to get the results I want. I told her Doris I seek results fast and she said of course I will make you happy again, so I am glad she chose me again and she is helping me.

I've been trying to get my ex to go out with me but I failed. I know what it is like to feel powerless before my own impulses to check and check his Instagram and text and check to see no response and call and check if he is at home. Awful. Its like, what is this bleary eyed, exhausted, wild-haired train crash that I have become?

A week before I asked for Doris help, I asked to see him and he said no. Now she told me to stop any contact with her and wait for the spell to work on the situation and on her heart. I seek for results and Doris knows it.

I am here to ask my wish, I wish for her to get the results I asked her. I wish this sell will bring us back together better than ever, for her to be faithful and to love me more than before and less than tomorrow.

She is the love of my life, I think about her every day and night, and I dont think I will find another woman who can fill me like she does. If there was enough love, then you stand a chance of her contacting you, but you mustn't reach out to her, this is what my best friend told me, but I could not make it. I contacted her almost every day until Doris asked me to stop. In the meantime Doris asked me if I can fix what went wrong. She said: When you will get another shot you will be sure that you don't want it to fail for the same reason so do what you can to fix that and come back as better person. I am seeking results and I asked help to Doris, I trust her in every way because I ordered her services before and she never let me down. God Bless<3

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