I need to take back control of my life

I need to take back control of my life. So ever since I've gotten bullied by a girl named Sundas (because of bad influence from a former friend), I've had a lot of people follow her rumors and got a lot of flack from them. I've asked for a free spell cast and it worked. But sadly it started up again sometime in April this year.

I know it must've been someone else who is trying to ruin my life. They've been spreading a lot of lies about me and it seems that a lot of people are starting to follow them. Even people from outside my school! It's really eating into me! I just want something HORRIBLE to happen to that person who is spreading the rumors. Like a very terrible disease that will haunt them for the rest of there lives. Or just made them get a taste of their OWN medicine. Maybe they should feel how hard is to try walking in my shoes. Need to take back control of my life now, I am devastated and I am not strong enough to continue my life living this hell anymore.

And I also wish to have a turn of good luck. I've been suffering too much from the bad luck I've been having. Not only with the bullying but also the two university I applied reject me, I need to find one, I want to be a doctor, I always did, since I was 7, and even if I do not have money to afford a University I am willing to all what is necessary to get one. I was born to help people live better, to save their life if needed, I know since I started to play with dolls and I was always taking care of them when they get “sick” :)

Need to take back control of my life. I need to be the happy girl I always was.

I remember my mother always told me that when life ask you to fight for something is that something bigger than what you think will come to you. So be strong and fight for your dreams, she said.

The student loan is what I need to become a doctor, I can´t make it without it even if I work while I study… it is too expensive. My parents are dead, and I don´t have brother or sister, so I do everything by myself. I do not even have time to meet a boy… sorry to say, but I need to work and study to live.

Life has been hard but I was always happy and grateful anyway, but now all this rumors and the bullying are driving me crazy, I can´t eat or sleep or study. I need to take back control of my life and stop this entire evil people, so they can never hurt anyone or me again. Can you help me? I will be forever grateful.

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