I need my true love back

My ex is a wonderful man, who i left out of certain aspects of my life. He left me and I believe has moved on with another. At one time he love me so much. I would do anything; give anything to have him back. I would sell my soul to have him again. I love him more than anything. I feel as if I can't live without him. Please, help me get him back. He is my world.

I need my true love back for good, I can not wait longer. I met my true partner when I was twenty years old and he was twenty five. We were in the same class at the University and he was my exam partner as well. He took my number just for assignment and project purpose and we ended up being very good friends in the third year. Then I of course started developing feelings for him. I started having a huge crush on Dave, but he always treated me as a good friend. We used to talk about each others life the whole day. I loved the way he was with me, so nice and sweet. He is a very kind guy and he respects me a lot. Every day my love for him increased and finally I proposed him. Yes, I did it because he was so shy that he couldnīt tell me. Even if he wanted to.

He had never been in any relationship before this and he never considered me more than a friend at that time. He fell in love with me and from that day he has never ever left me alone until now that we broke up. The last months had been like hell to me. I need my true love back I donīt know how to live without him. No matter what the situation was he has been always a great support. We were in college when we committed. I know everything about him and he knows everything about me. I want to share my life with Dave.

I donīt want another man in my life, I need my true love back now. Being with him was the best that ever happen, I los my mind this year but I am willing to compensate the biggest mistake I ever made.

Nothing is more important than love, love can cure anything. And it is so hard to find the real one, some people die without knowing true love, I did and I ant him back.

I wonder if he missed me, he is not answering my calls last days, I spoke with his mother and she says he needs some space so now I am not reaching him.

I will respect the time that he needs until he realize that I am the one, his true love. I contacted a spell caster, she said a spell is needed because we had been cursed. I ordered her ritual and she will start next week, I think everything helps when when look for something good, I want us to be together, I want my true love back I cannot live without Dave.

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