I need Help in My Love LIFE its falling Apart

I have been with this guy for 2 yrs. we have a 6 month old daughter together. In the beginning everything was great he was sweet loving affectionate. Then he moved in with me and slowly things started changing. I started finding text messages to other girls. and he was denying them then he started getting mad at me for going thru his phone. intimacy and affection is barely there between us. he says he loves me with all his heart but I dont see or feel it from him. I just wish he'd realize that the way he's been acting towards me is wrong. I wish he would stop disrespecting me and being mentally and physically abusive towards me. I also wish he'd stop drinking so much.

I wish that things would be back to the way they were when we first met. I want the intimacy, affection, and the loving part of him back. and most of all I want him to show me that he’s completely and totally committed and faithful to me.

He used to be so kind, the man I feel in love with used to take me to the movies, cooked great food for us, love to have sex everywhere at home. He was always doing plans for us, for travel, for doing things to grow and live better. Now he comes home late, smelling alcohol, I know when he is too drunk because he goes directly to bed, and when he sees other women he come home with wet hair, I hate that. I don't want to say anything because arguing in front of our daughter is not something I like her to have in her memories. I need help in my Love life urgently because all is falling apart. I am afraid that maybe he gets too mad and do something to us if I confront him when he comes back so late or drank or both…

Last week I asked him to go to a therapist for the couple, by he says no, he don't believe in that type of treatments, he think everything is fine, and all is part of up and downs that couples normally have… I think we are going down and deepest down every day. I don't want to fall apart but I feel so sad. I want this family to stay together and happy. I want my daughter to see us as an example. I need help in my Love because it’s falling Apart. Can you help me wishing me luck? I am so sad, I don't want to raise my child alone. I cannot do that. I need a man at home, feels that a man is also raising my child, but is he never sees her this is not possible, he needs to come back home earlier and share time with our daughter. I will be so happy once all these issues get fixed.

I hope to have the grace to see my wishes coming true very soon.

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