I miss my fiancee

I wish for Isaias to come back to me with an open and kind heart. I know we are meant to be together. we broke up after a fight and both had hurt feelings. I need him and want him in my life. I love him so much. I want to marry him. we already had a date set. We have been together over four years. I know he loves me, he is just hurt.

I miss my fiancée so much!

Isaias, was so nice to me, he always bought me flowers on Sundays, we used to go out for dinner, movies, walking, swimming he was the best man and boyfriend a woman can think about.

My mother told me that everything really does happen for a reason. She says you guys obviously split up for a reason, and if it's meant to be that you two will get back together, it will be. Do not force it, and try not to ponder about it too much. She does not know what the reason is for us splitting up, hopefully we two can work on it. I have to respect his wishes, though, or there will never be a chance. Sometimes, it's hard to stay friends after a break up. Most friendships don't work out afterwards, unfortunately.  Isaaias asked me specifically to be friends while we see what happen between us. I say yes, because I would do anything to have him near me. I miss my fiancée. We went to the movies last Sunday but nothing happen, we were like friends, or friends actually, weird sensation but something is better than nothing.

We met in high school , he is my first and only love, I don´t want to meet another man, I can´t imagine kissing another person, neither touching another man. I am born to be with him, I knew it since the day I saw him standing at the restaurant in school. And also from the moment he saw me he felt the same, he always says me so. We spoke about children, we suppose to get married this year on December. I can not imagine cancelling the church and everything so I asked him to solve it as soon as possible… because I miss my fiancée so much, I know I already wrote it but the feeling is so strong that sometimes do not let me breath.

My friend told me that eventually I will find someone who really likes me (even more than Isaias) and wants to be with me and I will forget all about my first lover. Also says that is possible that my ex fiancée realizes that I am ok after the break up and then he will reconsider and will want to get back together. (Men are weird like that sometimes, or even more when they turn middle age, like looking for younger companion or new and sporty cars… all the typical things we see at the movies).

I thought a lot about this, but after doing it I always say to myself: I'm not giving up on us.

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