I just want him to be my boyfriend

I love him and only want him to be my boyfriend. <3 In my opinion, longing for love is not weakness. It’s wisdom. We are not meant to be alone and self-sufficient. We are meant to share, and since I met him I always knew he was perfect for me. That is why I want him to be my boyfriend and later my husband… He broke up with his evil girlfriend a month ago, and do not want to go out to with anyone. I invited him for a date but he says he is not ready yet. That he needs time to heal.
I think love is the most important.
That is why I decided to wait, I hope not so many weeks, until he feels ready to move on and start a new life. I want him to give me the opportunity to show him how real love is. I am not a demanding person, I like to share and I am very quiet and sincere. I also can cook delicious dishes men love that… My mother always said that if you know how to cook great food, men would fall for me easily.

I just want him to be my boyfriend soon, I have so much love to give and I want him to have it. Only him. Love is so good that simply holding a loved one’s hand lowers blood pressure and reduces pain. Did you know that? To have a healthy love it is important to remember that there is a distinction between need and neediness. Neediness comes from trying to suppress or transcend our authentic feelings of need and that never works. When we suppress our needs, they fight back: Needs suppressed become neediness. Or, even worse, our needs get pushed down so far that we lose access to them, and we become disconnected from our humanity. I think it is very important to have good relations with his family also, I know them and they are great, I know they like me too, his sister always talk a lot with me when I found her at Church. And one time we went to a tarot reading, I know tarot and spells are against Church, but we only did tarot, so I guess it wasn't so bad.

I think we can be perfect together. I just want him to be my boyfriend soon, I am ready, I never had a boyfriend before, only friends with benefits, but he is different, he is nice and I trust him so much that I can have a relationship with him. Please help me with mu wish, I can´t wait till Sunday to find him at Church. We always go back to our places walking and talking, sometimes we buy ice cream and eat it on the road. He is perfect and that is why I just want him to be my boyfriend. <3

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