I am dying inside

That relationship is over. He broke up with me. So, what should I do? 

I would have never left him and stuck with him thru good times and bad. Spells have been cast, prayers and healing have been sent. Kevin and I together again as it should be. So I will so mote it be.

I am dying inside; even if it is not the fist time he leaves me. My therapist told me this morning that I should focus on myself, in my career, in the things I like, workout, try to be a better person than before (for me, not for him)

This time suppose to make me see things more clearly. She says that now I am so sad and desperate to get him back that I can do many mistakes. Was the relationship that good? If it was, why it ended? Think about what went wrong, were you too needy and clingy? Not having a life for you and only focusing on him? Were the things you were doing good for you and him? …Well I tried to answer them all and even if for a moment I feel she is completely right and that maybe he is not the perfect boyfriend for me, I cannot help myself, I need him back. I cannot live without him

I am still lonely and sad and in need of help. I can confirm that it is not easy to be alone after a separation or divorce, especially when your ex is quickly moving on to someone new (I think this is the case also). What I don't understand, however, is that taking heart pain on the road to recovery is the best medicine. Some people are never single for more than a few months at a time and look for a partner with someone else to ease the feeling that they are actually alone now. I can´t do it, even if I suffer a lot, I always need time to move on.

Oh men, I am dying inside, I feel empty, I miss him so much. If I want to feel joy and peace instead of the void I want to feel in my heart and soul, I must choose to focus on thoughts that reinforce my feelings. I am trying to do that every day but I do not succeed yet.

I wish I had spent more time filling the heart of my life with beauty, joy, peace and freedom. The key to a healthy and happy life is to admit to myself how I really feel. And I feel BAD.

I would like to have a guide that could help me to understand myself better and help me figure out what to do when I feel lonely. I have always felt depressed and have tried to overcome the loneliness I felt when I was single. I should try to stop worrying about things I don't have, and focus on what I already have, like my family, friends, and the people around me at work for example.

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