I Wish my Boyfriend will stay with me and never leave me

I love Ray with everything in my heart, whenever he is down or is need I'm always there, we have been together for a year and five months, I have worked hard to be where I am at in his life, especially when so many woman have done him wrong in his past. I Wish that Ray and I would stay together I love him, and would do anything to make him a happy man, I show in every way I just wish he would open his eyes to the love I have. I wish my boyfriend will come back, stay with me and never leave me again.

He makes me happy when he is happy but when he gets upset I don't hear a peep from him. I love this man and I need my wish to come true fast. Please help!!

We broke up a month ago. I found out he had met someone else, I thought it was just an adventure of a middle age man and try to think about something else, never confront him. I thought nothing had happened between them till he broke up with me. He says he is in love, but I do not believe him. That is not possible, he met her a few weeks ago and she is a co worker.

Since last week he has started to contact me and tell me he thinks about me but he is not sure about us. I am devastated. I refused as an strategy, however I said I would remain his friend, I want him close and I want him back, but for real.

I ordered a love spell to make him realize that I am the one, the spell caster says that will take 2 weeks to work, I hope that happen soon because something wasn’t sitting right with me. I wish my boyfriend will come back, stay with me and never leave me again. So I messaged his new girlfriend and said I feel we have both been played by my ex in a way, and I told her he contacted me too. She never answered my message but I know she read it. She said to my best friend that she had been seeing him for 3 months already and he had said he was single.

I feel truly liberated after telling her what is going on, then he won´t lay to anyone and will have to choose one after all. I no longer want this man in my life if he is going to be with the other woman also... Nobody want something like that.

I was so desperate to win him back that firstly I didn't care but now I do. I wish my boyfriend will come back, stay with me and never leave me again. Otherwise I can move on and be happy, no looking back. But of course I wish my boyfriend will choose me and stay with me for ever.

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