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My friend Teresa Allen was told not too long ago by a psychic that she was born to be hated, and would never be able to have love. I know her and I believe that what that woman said was cruel and just not true. Teresa still believes this however and its gotten so bad to the point where its really effecting her self esteem. It hurts me to know that she believes that she'll never find happiness because she doesn't deserve it -even though she's done nothing wrong! All she wanted was help finding love.

If you can help us in any way, then please. Everyone deserves the right to be happy.

The problem started when her boyfriend broke up with her. He ruined her life first cheating, then treating her like she was the last option in the world. The worst here is the she started to believe she was. She left her friends; stop going out to have some fun, only work and staying with him.

After a while she lose weigh and started to get sick more often, crying every day and couldn’t deal with life in general. In that moment, she didn´t ask help to find true love to her friends or family, that they also were her true love in a way… because we love her unconditionally. The thing is that she went to a witch and asked a tarot reading. She expected to get the answers to find her true love in that reading. But she did not. On the contrary she found an evil woman that told her so many disgusting things that she felt dying. The worst is that my friend believe and stop believing or looking for true love. Can you believe it? Can anyone life this way? Full of sadness, disappointed and of course angry!

I was becoming hopeless when I didn't hear from her for months but then she unblocked me and messaged me on Facebook apologizing. She said that everything was reminding her of our friendship and it made her think more about what happened, and how much she needed changing her life. 

So I went to see her, and when I arrived at her apartment she was crying saying that she deserved everything she was living. That the witch told her that she can´t run away and she will never ever find her love. She was devastated and I said STOP you can´t go on like this… I didn´t know what to do, so I took her out for a walk, and she calm down. I am not sure if I did right, she didn't do anything yet because it happen a few days ago, but we are seeing 3 times a week to walk and talk and even if I feel she is a little bit better I want her to trust her, to know that she deserves not only finding true love, also leaving a beautiful life with friends and family, to find another job that she enjoy doing… at the end we all deserve to be happy right?

If you can help us in any way, then please. Everyone deserves the right to be happy.

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