Hi everyone.
I am here to share my wish with you, I hope I receive your support.

After 11 years my girlfriend wants to leave me. She has new friends that she goes out with all the time while I am at home alone.

I wish that she would stop going out with these people and be 100 percent commit to our relationship, in love with me and that we can finally get married.

I’m Australian and have been living in New York for the past six years with her. I came out to Melbourne in early March for a friend’s wedding and to visit my family. It was meant to be a two-week trip to do together. But 2 days before she started to say that her best friend broke up with her boyfriend, and she can not leave her alone because she was devasted and crying all day, and even saying that she would attempt to her life! I was shocked and I canceled my flight for that evening. I was gutted and in utter disbelief at how much had changed in just a few short weeks. It was a tough decision but ultimately the smartest one we could make.

I stayed at home hopping to help her friend too that at this point was mine too, since we are together for the last 11 years. But guess what? She moved during 10 days to her place to be with her 24 hours a day. I was so angry that I couldn´t stop cursing her, I admit, but then I calm down and said ok her friend is heartbroken and needs her. At that moment my friend PAUL called me to say that saw them both drank and laughing in a Bar that is for single people.

So I called her the next day and she deny first, then admit. I told her I felt heartbroken, that she was not taking care of us and being a good person with me. I don´t deserve it and she knows it, but the unbelievable and worst happen. She says she needed time and space to think, because she felt that needed freedom for now. Freedom after so many years of love and care! I feel so disappointed.

My biggest fear is that Lizzy and I may not get to see each other for a while and then she can find another man. I don´t want to love another woman, I want and wish HER…

The biggest challenge is not being able to physically be around the person you love. You don’t realize how much you miss the sensation of touch and human connection until it’s taken away from you. I hope this break up will make us stronger knowing that we can be apart for months to give space but then realize that our relationship is better that the rest. Knowing that we can get through this is a testament to the strength of our future marriage.

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