Forever is what I want

My boyfriend left me and forever is what I want.

If a man just goes about his business and leaves his girlfriend without telling her why, what is wrong with him? You may feel excluded, but if you understand your friend's reasons for the sudden end of your relationship, you can decide what you want to do next. After you've done everything from storming his house to texting him dozens of times, slow down, take a step back and try to understand what might make him do it. When men leave their girlfriends you start crying uncontrollably or even try to chase him down and demand answers as to why he dropped you out of the blue. I did all these without positive results at all.

We spent 6 years together, made plans, met our families and friends and share life happily. In many cases, you never get an explanation for why you ended the relationship, and the ex-boyfriend avoids telling you the reason for the separation, even if he thinks he knows it was not pleasant. The next reason an ex might end a relationship is guilt. I think this is the case, because I found some text messages on his cell phone from a woman, a coworker, and she was talking about meet him after work. Very suspicious since he never name her to me before. I said no words and was like a ghost for the rest of the day, but then I realized that I had to face it and I asked him to talk. He never assume it was true, but also never denied it either… So took his clothes and left. It is already one month now, he sent me messages saying how much he loves me but I don´t know if I will be able to forgive and forget.

Unexplained blame tends to be caused by thoughts and feelings that have yet to be processed or that are sometimes superficial.

My boyfriend left me, now wants me back and forever is what I want…. But Am I able to forget? It is no better to know that you are in control and can find a good relationship than to be blamed for basically messing up and being in a relationship with someone you don't really like.

I really wish I am able to forgive and forget, that would save our relationship, forever is what I want. I want all with him, family, a child, a common house with a great garden… I want our friends to come over and enjoy with us. But still not sure if I am able not to speak about this never again, I don´t want to be the type of woman that is yelling her husband for all. Will she stay between us even if he never see her again?

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