For him to come back to me

I have written from my heart in the article part of this wish. Please help me get back to the love of my life, my soul mate. Let us be happy again, and free from all the negative energy that has tainted our lives.

Most women recover from the sadness caused by loss and separation by connecting with other people and learning to appreciate the time they spend alone, my friends are recommending me to follow this advice, but I cannot help myself, I tried and I feel worst, every time I go out with another man I feel mode empty and more sadness...

Overcoming loneliness begins by accepting you on a fundamental level and having a personal identification that is not dependent on anyone else, I know that, but even if I believe I achieved that goal I want to share my life with him. Feelings of social isolation and disconnection from others are coming and going, they are not constant or may be driven by a particular situation when I have a birthday party or something special.

I feel lonely; I may feel anxious and depressed and lack motivation to connect as I told you before. I feel the need to isolate myself from my loved one and to spend time alone at home or in the company of other people like close friends.

Believe me my friend, a separation is often more than just a big disappointment; it is a feeling that everything you had imagined and hoped for has disappeared overnight, getting married, having kids, sharing life and common goals. I am currently going through a very painful separation from my boyfriend best friend of 20 years. It is so painful that my chest hurt me like hell since he left. I start crying uncontrollably from one moment to another or even try to chase him down and demand answers as to why he dropped me out of the blue... And that doesn't work, it is worst he is getting far away.

The first reason I think of when I heard my ex-boyfriend end our relationship without explanation is to blame myself for the ending and hardly worth explaining. I feel that my ex has offered me an apology to cover up the real reason why he ended the affair. And that makes me feel worst, if I don't know where are my mistakes how can I fix them?

My ex boyfriend left me with no explanations, I literally froze, I said no words and act like a ghost for the rest of the night. Maybe the reason I was attracted to this man in the first place was probably my low self-esteem, which leads to a feeling of insecurity and fear that I cannot cope with them. I don't know I feel so confuse, but I just want for him to come back to me. I hope my wish come true this year I miss him so much!

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