Desperate for Money

I am a single mom and I am trying to make it on one paycheck. I got behind on bills and don't even have money for groceries. I am praying for some kind of money miracle, but it seems like no one is listening. I am desperate enough to do anything right now and I am trying to keep to what I know is right. Please help me manifest some money fast, I am losing faith and hope!

The father of my daughter never show up, since I told him I was pregnant he blame me and disappear. He use to take drugs and alcohol so now I think it was a bless that he never came back. My daughter is an angel, she is the love of my life and the reason why I work live and stay strong. Now she is 4, so sweet so innocent, I will always be here for her and I want only the best for her future, that is why I am desperate for money, unfortunately we need money for all, for food, for medicine and doctors, for clothes, because she grow very fast as all the children. Anyway my friends help me with that. But I don´t want my angel to always have toys and clothes that belong to another child first, I want to be able to buy her new and beautiful things, she deserve it, she is so good and obedient… Her teacher says she is the best one in class also because she is smart. I am desperate for money to the point of thinking about buying a spell… yes, crazy, I know and I say this to myself everyday. But I know people that got great results, maybe I can try if I am a chosen too.

Life is too short and I am spending to much time working, I want to enjoy more with my girl, I want to take her to so many places with me. Like Disney! She would love it!

I am now desperate for money because I am in debt, I couldn't pay my rent the last two months and the owner is getting mad, I know he has his rights and I am trying a lot here to get more money to pay, but at the moment I didn't find my way out. I won´t give up, I am a fighter and I am looking for a better life, that is why I am desperate for money. In a few years my angel will go to school and then I want to be able to afford University, she deserves that and more, and I am willing to do all to get that for her.

Even if I still have time to come up with that amount I am already worry like most of the good mum I guess, but I need to fix it soon, because we don´t have a father to help or even I don´t have my own parents so we are really lonely here, all depends on me and I will do all for her. I am desperate for money but I will get what I want.

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