I am positive this wish will come true.

I met my boyfriend while I was on vacation in Italy. We were both with tourist groups from across the country and it was fate that we met when we did. At that moment my fiancée brake up with me 3 months before the trip, we use to have really bad communication anyway, I decided to do it alone and I did. We both had just gotten out of abusive relationships and needed a fresh start. I must admit that we had more in common than anyone I have ever met. He is my soul mate from the day I met him in Rome, while we were visiting the Vatican and San Pietro´s Church. It was a great summer, beautiful days, good food and sweet people, Italians are so fun. When we returned to the U.S. we were like one, we used to spent all out free time together and with friends. But after a couple of years he became distant. Last year he moved into another state because had a great opportunity at work and wanted to take advantage of it.

We all know that maintaining a long distance relationship is very hard, the communication started to decrease every month to the point that just talk during the weekend. He broke up with me last week and now I feel lost. I wish him to come back, to improve our communication and make our relationship work!

My best friend swore by these witches on the Internet that help people by casting spells, so I gave it a try and order it one 2 days ago. They promise to get results within a month and I hope it is true. I miss him so much, I miss his chats, hugs, kisses, everything...

I bought the customized love spell with the intention of getting him to move by me so that we could have a normal relationship. I am dreaming about the results every night, but as I don´t feel sure about if I will get them or not, I am here asking all of you to help me with my wish, maybe do a prayer or whatever you can.

I light a candle for a person here, last night to help to find a good job, I hope that could help in any way.

Now my last hope is that he can realize that I am the one that he should come back here and propose me. I deserve it as I did all for him, and everything was great, the only problem was distance, that ruin our communication and now we are separate. He is the love of my life, I do not want to lose him, help me please to get him back. I dream about giving him a boy, our first son will be a boy, I always knew it. And I will called him like his father, Mark.

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