Bring him back

I want my boyfriend back. He left me 3 months ago because someone else stole him from me. We share the same school and she is the new one. She arrived on February and since then my relationship started to fall apart. From the moment she saw us together she started to look after him when I wasn't there, and he started to see her. I hate them both now but deep in my heart I know I love my boyfriend and need to bring him back. He needs to see the real her. She even did a bet saying that she would have any boy in the school and unfortunately chose him. Now we are separate, since I found them after class together, I almost die there, and I wanted to die when I saw her kissing my boyfriend, and the stupid face he had when I saw them…. Oh God.

I met Brian 3 years ago, he invited me out and we went to the movies, at that moment I was seeing another boy, but I always liked him so I accepted, and from the moment he kissed me I know I wanted him to be my boyfriend so I left the other boy and he started to see me. I took him to meet y family and my brother loves him. I don´t have face to upfront the situation and tell to my family what he just did. This woman is evil. I hate her so much, why my boyfriend, she will get tired soon of this game and will jump into another boy´s arms leaving all this disaster like if nothing had happened. I want to bring him back, but first I will need to wok on forgiveness, it won´t be easy, all the school is laughing at me now… I love him so much, I hope he can realize the mistake he made and can come back to me soon, he will need to tell the school he made a mistake kissing her, but I do not know if he is strong enough to deal with this situation.

I wish everything would be like before, nice, happy, and quiet. Since she arrived to our town everything is a mess, I wish she can go back to Minnesota where she belongs. Bring him back is all I want, I cannot eat or breath, I am always thinking about him, and what I did or he did, and why she could interfere if we use to be so strong, I believe we still have strong bones. And I hope to bring him back soon, this year, so we can spend Christmas together. I love December with him.

My friends says that I should forget him and move on, that he doesn't deserve me. But I think he is under a spell or something, I feel that. And I know her aunt do tarot, so maybe she cast a spell on him… Everything was so fast and weird.

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