Spell to Bring him back home

My fiancee and I have had some issues. We are currently living with my parents in one room with our son. We used to have a home, a beautiful house with a garden, and a room for the kids. A beautiful kitten oh God, I miss those years so much! But suddenly he started to gamble and spent lot of money on that. He did it for 5 years!

He started skipping his work because there was a day baseball game on TV.  $50 bets turned into $100 bets.  $100 bets turned into $200 bets.  $200 bets turned into $500 bets.  Any handicapper will tell you that to do it right, you have to go through mountains of information and follow every game because even the slightest detail can give you the edge you need to make the right decision.  More and more of his time was going into gambling and less and less of his time into everything else.  He was so good, that he was receiving checks from online gambling sites for $10,000 on a monthly basis, all behind my back.  He was sacrificing our life, to gamble and I didn´t know until he started to lose. Hot streaks are awesome but cold streaks can ruin you forever. So just as fast as he won all of this money, he ended up losing it. And not only the money, our HOME also. Our children changed school and we didn´t have any option than living with my parents. They are nice but don´t help me much with children so it is difficult to find a way to have time to go out the both of us… and that is killing me. We don´t have any privacy or intimacy for the last year already.

I know gambling can be an illness and I forgive him because he is doing his best to get back our life, but I am afraid we can lose our relationship on the way to get our goal. I wish to bring him back home, our home, like before. When we were so happy together.

Is there a spell to bring him back home? Now we fight a lot here because of how miserable we are, but we do not have much of an option to live anywhere else together. He says he still loves me and we are still together, but we do not share a bed any longer and I do not get to see him very often now, neither does his son. He does work a lot, but I need him to come home to me and his son. We need to be together and be a family again.

He's so distant lately—what am I doing wrong? Should I do something? How can I fix it?

The truth is that with the work he has, its difficult to get enough money to pay a rent… sometimes I think I should wish to win the lottery, but then I realize I am started to thing like him before, at the end we all know that easy come easy goes… I hope a spell to bring him home is the answer! THX in advance!!

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