Bring Kevin Back to Me

Kevin was born on October 21th of 1967 and I was born on December 10th of 1967. Yes, I have made mistakes and handled some things incorrectly. I know where my faults lie and I made the necessary changes (putting my foot down with my ex and daughter) to have a normal relationship with each other and my daughter included. Please soften his heart and open his eyes so that he sees this is the truth and I love him more than anything else.

One more chance was all I asked for. May he feel the pain, physical and emotional, I feel until we are reunited. May he be as miserable as I until we are reunited. May he feel the loneliness I feel until we are reunited. I know he loves me. He kept saying it is too late. It is NEVER too late. I know anything worth having is worth fighting for and I am fighting for him to come back.

I did not handle things well the other night and I had had too much to drink and made an ass of myself as I let my hurt manifest outwardly in anger. Please let him find it in his heart to forgive me for the things I said and did not mean and my actions. My light is on, my door is open, my arms are open and most of all my heart is open. May he understand that I am risking this broken heart again for one last chance to make this right, work it out and move forward with our lives. In the name of all that is good, I thank you. So mote it be.

Building good habits can help me combat the feeling of loneliness when a relationship ends, but it all depends on the factors I might be dealing with, mine are very dark, my problem with alcohol is getting worst.

My boyfriend was complaining that I did not spend enough time with him when I started having our kids. It was true. I worked all of the time and take care of our kinds and had little to spare because I was feeling tired all the time. I thought that he would stick by my side because we had been together for so many years at this point, but I was wrong. After a few months he cheat on me with another woman.  In that moment I started to drink and all went from bad to worst. My mistake was taking that addiction but I couldn't help myself I feel so sad and I still does... All I wish is to bring Kevin back to me. I miss him so much. I want my Child's to forgive me too. I don´t want to see that pity look in their eyes anymore. I hoe this beautiful website and idea will help me make my wish come true and Kevin can come back home where he belongs.

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