A Wish For My Relationship


My new husband Danny H. and I have been together since March 2, 2009 and have been married since June 29, 2010. Since we've been together our life started our rather rough with my divorce from my previous husband, getting my 13 and 10 year old sons adapted to another man, losing the house we lived in to foreclosure, moving into a new home, and Danny and I had a daughter on July 13, 2010.†

Everyone seems to be adjusted now that things have calmed down but I noticed my husband and I don't seem to be as close and we use to be. We still cuddle on the couch to watch TV but he doesn't text me with little stuff anymore saying what ya doing sexy and stuff like that just to let me know he was thinking about me. We hardly go places together unless it's something he wants to do. It almost feels like he is taking our marriage for granted. I could tell you the millions of things wrong with our relationship but instead Iíll tell you what I want back in my relationship with my husband. I have a wish for my relationship and it is that my husband would be life before.

I wish to have our emotional and intimate relationship back to the way we use to be. Where nothing else mattered except our family and us. I wish for the love, passion and excitement to come back into our lives like it use to be. I want Danny and I to work together on keeping our relationship strong and healthy because once one of us stops the relationship starts to fall apart and it's already starting.

We do not have sex like before I want it to be more passionate and often like before, we used to do it everywhere and it was so much fun. I have a wish for my relationship and is to get all this fixed because I believe this can be the beginning of the end and I do not want that, I love my husband, it is just that we went through a lot and now we need to get that passion back. I am doing my part as a woman of course and with the help of a spell caster I hope I can achieve our goal. She said he need to clean his energies from past lovers so we are doing it, and even on me (from my ex husband) so I hope we can get back on track soon. The wish for my relationship is full happiness and union like those years when we met.

I love him so much, he is the best man I ever met, bring flowers, chocolates, send messages, great lover, and great company too. What else a woman can ask? I want God to know that I am here for him, doing my best to recover our relationship.

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