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Wishing Well

  • Help us find love
    I have a friend who has suffered through out her whole life because she does not have it in her life. Its pretty bad to put it lightly. If you could help it would mean the world to us.
  • i wish to have a child
    I would like to wish for a child.
  • that he should go home
  • Heartbroken
    PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!!
  • I Wish Haisam Majid's heart gets filled with True Love for Only Me.
    I Really want him in my life
  • My ideal body wish
    Very discouraged and upset with my body shapehttps://spells4free.net :(
  • Bring him back home
    My fiance left to live with a friend due to relationship strain. We have a 10 month old baby and I need him back home with me.
  • In serious need please!
    I am 20, forced to move on my own. Desperately seeking a job or financial security. I can't do living in the streets. I wish for a job. Winning the lottery would be lovely but I'm keeping a ungreedy mind about this. Pray, cast spells for mr please. I'll be eternally humbled and grateful!!! By the way my name is Noah Howell. Today is my birthday and I spent it job hunting :(
  • I want to have a muscular body, have sex with my friends and lots of money and fun!!!
    I want to have a muscular body, have sex with my friends and lots of money and fun!!!
  • All Paranormal Power In The World
    Many Years Had I Past. Many Pain I Go Through. All Pain Make Me Want To Revenge. But I Need Power. The Power For Normal Human Isn't Enough. When I See This Blog, With No Time To Waste, I Sign Up And Post This Article Right Away. I Want To Have All The Power That Normal Human Can't Do. I Want To Control Everything. To Make My Life Happier. Hope Someone Read My Deep Soreness.

    Thank You.
  • I desperately need an income!
    I need an income
  • weight loss
    I would like it lose 50 pounds in 2 weeks
  • Forever is what I want
    My greatest desire
  • Second Chance
    Second Chance with my Ex.
  • wish to win lotto
    I wish to win lotto to pay off my debts and to give my family a holiday.
  • Wanting My Lost Soul Mate Back
    The love of my life - my soul mate - just ended our relationship without giving a believable reason and I desperately want her back.
  • I miss my fiancee
    i wish for Isaias to come back to me with an open and kind heart.
  • I want to believe in my abilities
    I want to have more confidence in my own abilities, my talents. I want to know that I received these talents for a purpose, and that I can use them and be successful for it.
  • my love
    I was in a relationship with a guy for a year. We loved each other a lot. I want to marry and settle down with him. However he left me last month and he is getting married to another girl by end of this year.
  • want a dream to come true
    i always dreamt of being rich slim with hairless and fair body fine thin eyebrows no pimples no scars no marks and no unwanted hair on my face extremely beautiful friendly helping a very good girl and sexy brown hairs all boys are around me and every one wants to be my friend have a big house many vehicles and really good in studies and speaking English https://spells4free.net
  • Still in love with you
    Want my soulmate back
  • No more money problems !!!!
    Hi my name is Shannon Aka shaggy, I recently became a member of this site because I want my life to change for the better.
  • I want to know
    I wish I knew If I had demons blood or black dragons blood inside of me. and if I could and how to use it as a substitute to wiccan blood
  • A lottery Win!
    need for financial freedom
  • I am dying inside
    The love of my life left me because he has abandoment issues. I would have never left him is all I wanted in a man, a lover and a friend. spells have been cast and many prayers and heaing energies sent. Any extra positive energies to the situation are welcome and appreciated. Kevin and I together again as it should be. So I will so mote it be.
  • What Can I do To Get My Ex Girlfriend Back ?
    Most people find themselves asking "What can I do to get my ex girlfriend back" following a breakup. They start to ponder and philosophize about every
  • The Spells Cast
    I intend the spells I cast have effect threefold.
  • Bring Kevin Back to Me
    Yes, I have made mistakes and handled some things incorrectly.
  • I want to be with the Man of My Dream
    I want to be with a man who is handsome,affectionate,educated, fun-loving and athletic.Someone who is proud of me and someone I could be proud of.A man who is not playing games but is looking for a longterm relationship.
  • My Dreams
    This are some of my biggest dreams and wishes. Everyday I hope and pray that they will become reality
  • Wishing for the passion that once was
    Ever wish that new relationship passion would last forever? I know I do.
  • want my lover back
    i want my love backhttps://spells4free.neti miss her so much.want her back
  • I want him after me
    I want him to forget her to not love her no more for him to realize im the one for him the one he loves and wants to marry his everything I want her to move far away with her family and never come back and to move on! I want them to stop talking.
  • I want my love and money and anything i wish comes true.
    I want my love life to be the best. I want to be in there minds always I want them to love me with all there hearts 100% or more. I want them to always have me in there hearts and dream with me. To be romantic with me. To be desperate for me. To want to put a ring on my finger and marry me I only want this for the men I chose in my life. I want to have these guys I chose whip.
  • To be able to have the love of the once's I want to love me.
    I want to be able to be happy. I want to be able to say I have his love and i have his love I want to be able to have who ever I want to love me with passion and want everything with me. To wanna marry me to be crazy inlove with me and be able to do anything for me and fight for my love.
  • I wish to have him come back to me, for good
    My soul has been shattered and he is the one, I wish him to come back and love me for good, and not let me go again.
  • hail the power of the angels
    theres a highly popular/powerful angel prayer/spell that works like thishttps://spells4free.nethttps://spells4free.netu take three candles n place it on a plate ,surround the candles with sugar,then you light the candles and make three wishes to the heavenly angels st. michael and st.gabriel for love,one for business and an almost impossible wishhttps://spells4free.net
  • Powerful Wishing Spell
    This spell is used for any purposes that you may need.

    tell me if this spell worked for you or if you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  • For him to come back to me
    I want my ex lover to come back to me, he and I were and are in love, but something changed within a matter of hours. He has the influence of his parents and doing what they say. He is a grown man at the age of 21 and I am a woman of 38 years. I didn't believe my heart could open to someone so young, but it did and we fell in love. Please wish for him and I to be reunited very soon. I have reached out to him, and I believe he is just scared to follow his heart.
  • Want to be rich
    I want tobe rally really rich so that i can have all the happiness in this world.I want to built an animal shelter.
  • Please bring er justice
    I'm surrounded by liars and petty, hateful people
  • i wish my boyfriend would have a job an money
    i wish my uncle frank would hiring my bf back as his employer an forgive him for what he has done to his shop an let things be by gone an call david allen caldwell tonite an say david im goin to let things be by gone if u wanna work for me again an i wish my cousin barbara would stop judging david an like him too
  • wishing to get out of my marriage relationship, pls help
    I need help to get out of my marriage relationship
  • my business
    I need positive energy to get my business up & running.
  • where to begin
    My love & I have been together for 9 years. I've built his business at my own expense, financially, mentally & physically. He assumes I'll always be there keeps adding more chores, never asks, just orders, yet walks around like a peacock as if he did it all alone.
  • ready to quit
    without boring you with the details, my life sucks right now, business partners stole our business we lost our home and i can't pay down my debts, we work full time and do the best we can i just wish that things would start being good for us like maybe i win a big lottery jackpot or at least enough to give us a new start we are both getting close to giving up, please i wish my wish to win in the lottery comes true
  • My Wish for You
    I wish that I looked and sounded like Ollie Abbott, the boy in this picture:
    And that everyone was used to seeing me like that.
  • wishing him back at any price
    i lost the love of my life and would do anything to have him back. i am not myself without him.
  • I need my true love back
    I did my ex very bad. Left him out. Now he has left me and I believe with another. He is my heart and I love him very much. Ive learned and want him backhttps://spells4free.netneed him backhttps://spells4free.netat all cost. I would give anything to have him back.
  • A Wish For My Relationship
    You ever wish that some things just wouldn't change as time goes by?
  • My Wish Today
    My Wish is to eat healthily and for my muscles to grow everywhere.
  • My money post
    My money post
    we split up 3 months ago and my intuition tells me he still wants to be with me. i wish he find the courage in his heart to tell me how he feels.
  • wishing for change
    I want to change so badly, my weight, my sluggish energy during school, and a few physical changes like eye color. But i cannot use candles because of my grandma, no matter if it's scentless or what, she refuses my use of Candles, that and my parents would scorn me for doing spells.
  • I seek results.
    I wish for the spell Doris cast for me to work just as I hoped for and soon! I wish to see the results I desire, and wished for. I did the ceremony, keeping my energy positive, and hoping to see the results I prayed for soon! I appreciate this spell casting more then anything! I'm putting all of my faith in you! Please I hope all of your wishes come true! God Bless<3
  • Talent wish
    I wish I were just as good at playing guitar as Kimberly Freeman from One-Eyed Doll.
  • Tawny
    I recently learned Tawny Asher was still in love with me.
  • My Strongest Desire
    I lost my true love
  • I Wish my Boyfriend will stay with me, and never leave me
    I know my boyfriend and i are ment to be but, with all the chaos and confusion going on I think he thinks we should break up. I love him with all of my heart and I would do anything for him to make him happy, Im not a obsessive person and i will give space when needed, but I want him to see Im not the one that is the evil in his life. I am desperately in need of help.
  • Missing himhttps://spells4free.net
    I wish my ex would return to me
  • i want a baby
    i want to get pregnant, i had a tubal ligation 5 yrs ago and now i regret it. i am hoping i can be one of the woman who get pregnant and have a healthy baby. i cant afford to go have the tubal reversal done so maybe you can help me.
  • My hearts desire to become a lycan
    my desire
  • Need A Home
    Looking for a home to start a new life.
  • my future success
    i wish for good health for my husband my children and my self
    i wish success in job,life,love
    i wish my x lover will come back to love more for ever
    i wish to fulfill all my good dreams for my family and my sister and brother
    i wish all the best and good in are life
  • Desperate for Money
    I am in desperate need of at least $1,000 to pay all of my bills
  • Lost Love and Mother- NEED ALL THE HELP I CAN GET
    The feeling of void is consuming- Need my husband, lover, friend and father of our children back- and to stop divorce. Please help!
  • I want my lover to recall all our happy moments and return to me!
    I want my lover to return to me for we truly love each other and we belong together. He is hurt and I know I have made mistakes but I have never betrayed him, he owns my heart! I wish for him to forgive me and trust in what we have.
  • When
    When , I learned how to live, I learned how to laugh , When I learned how to laugh, I learned how to love, Pls send the one I love back me.and that he may love me back, and never leave again.
  • My one true desire
    My one true desire would be to have a relationship with Ryan Price.
  • My Forever Love
    I love Him
  • Long Lost Friend
    I haven't seen him since fifth grade, and I've been thinking about him recently I don't really have major feelings for him, he was just one of my best friends, and I lost his phone number he moved to Hawaii, but I wish I could see him again.
  • Win the Jackpot in Lotto Max
    A friend of mine is fed up with his job. I would like to win enough money to help my friend to start his own business.
  • what i need
    what i need is to find a job fast that makes me happy and allows me to pay our bills
  • Please reunite us !!!
    we broke up
  • I wish for happiness
    I wish for peace and hapiness for everyone in my family and that the one i care about returns my feelings and acts on them. Its been a rough ride just need some luck cause I worked really hard and tried everything else. And that people around me find it in their heart to accept my disabled son and see his humanity regardless of his many hihg needs behaviours.
  • I need to take back control of my life.
    I found out recently that someone is still spreading rumours around even though I had a spell cast to keep the bad influence away. :'(
  • I wish that my soulmate will return to me
    I wish that my soulmate Frank William Bellera will return to me by 7/4/10
  • I WISH!!!
    I wish I could be in the "Cricket" group in camp as a conselour, this coming week. I really miss my two favorite kids.
  • can anybody help me
    I want to bring a character from a manga/anime to life.
  • I wish He would believe in US and take the next step
    I Wish He Would Realize that I am the One
  • Want a lover back
    Wish to get ex back
  • fairy Luck
    in need of some good luck and fortune
  • Wishing she will return quickly
    We love each other deeplybut my lady has had to go away to clear her head and sort out her emotions. I want/need her back quickly.
  • new life
    holding on to hope
  • Communication
    I wish for him to contact me so we can meet for lunch.
    I wish for him to pursue me.
  • I want my boyfriend back
    My relationship was broken up by an outside party.
  • I want him back
    My boyfriend broke up with me because some other girl hit on him even though he was still with me. They work together and so they see each other every day. But that is no excuse for him or her to break up my relationship with him.
  • I wish the love of my life would take me back.
    I recently lost the love of my life to many different factors. I wish to regain her love and be with her forever.
  • My ex-girlfriend is dating again.
    I order a free love spell to get my ex-girlfriend back, and now have learned she dating someone new that she really likes.
  • I just want him to be my boyfriend
    I liked him startin from the 3rd day i met him, every time when we kind of start a talk one of my friends bumo into our conversation, i can easily curse her because my brother is a shaman, a pretty good one too, but i know karma will come back to me one day, so all i want is to make him love me I've already casted 4 spells on him, none of them worked.
  • Bring him back
    Bring my lover back to me. He was stolen from me.
  • Lost love of my life.
    I recently lost the love of my life for the second time. She moved to Texas and we were trying to reconcile.
  • Better health.
    I have Crohn's Disease and need to find a way to keep it under control.
  • I wish to win the lottery Jackpot
    My wish is to win the Jackpot for the california daily 4 and the california fantasy 5.
  • my first love
    what can you possibly do to try to fix a relationship so broken that the two people ended up hating each other completely to the point where they despised looking at each others faces??is there a way to possibly make your dreams a reality and make reality just a dream.
  • I want to look healthy
    I want to gain lot of weight so I could look healthy and beautiful
  • Does my boyfriend still love me?
    It is normal to have some doubts about your relationship. Many will feel these doubts as their relationship continues to grow; While they know that their boyfriend is interested, they will question whether or not their boyfriend still loves them. If you find yourself asking 'Does my boyfriend still love me?', there are a few simple signals that you can look for. These 4 positive signals will give you a better idea of your beau's feelings toward you.
  • money and success
    In need of money and success
  • I need Help in My Love LIFE its falling Apart
    So Much Negitive energy not sure what to do about it anymore. I need some help causing a great deal of depression and stress in my life. The man I am with has changed. I dont understand why he treats me the way he does. He drinks way too much and gets disrespectful.
  • i want him back with me
    i want my guy who changed his heart for no reason to come back to me

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