Wicca Is A Positive Influence

Wicca has been felt to be able to lead individuals with a more spiritual life that is based upon harmony with nature. It is also considered to be a positive and uplifting inner experience where individuals can live a more magical life dedicated to the Goddess and the God in recognition that life is an expression of the divine spirit within.
Many believe that Wicca is associated with witchcraft and witches, and that is possibly why the journals that the individuals who study Wicca use are called the Book Of Shadows. The individuals that study Wicca are believed to be witches. Before Wicca was popularized by Gerald Gardner individuals that practiced witchcraft did so in privacy, because they were so afraid that they would be alienated. With Wicca, individuals see wisdom as interacting with everything and everyone that they come in contact with. It is also learning to be humble by not boosting to others about the works they do, instead allowing their work to speak for itself.
Wicca is also known for the individuals being respectful and considerate to others. While studying Wicca individuals will learn how to become more compassionate with others and to show kindness to their fellow man. Individuals also learn how to become a more self disciplined individual that can be more tolerant with others and situations that come up in their lives than they could before. The art of taking the time to think before acting is also part of the study of Wicca. All of these things and much more help to balance out what is ultimately known as Wicca.
In earlier times, cultures, and faiths individuals that practiced witchcraft were known to be hunted down and either burned at the stake, beheaded, or even hung for not believing the same way that the society in which they did. This is why their knowledge were written in journals, which were some times written in an encrypted language, and then were hidden away for safe keeping. All of this secrecy was done only so they could protect themselves, because just like in our society if some one is different then people do not understand them. However, in earlier societies it was much worse due to the way that the law would allow these people who feared what they did not understand deal with these individuals that were different than them.
In fact, society felt that witches had special powers and mysterious abilities that came from studying the witchcraft. However, this was farther from the truth, but society could not and would not take the time to understand this. Wicca has no marvelous universal secrets or incantations or abilities, although it has succeeded in keeping its own individuality in tact. The universal aspects are the experiences that each individuals share with one another and with their environment.
Today there are a variety of helpful sources on-line for any one who is interested in learning more valuable knowledge about the art of Wicca. These sites also allow individuals to discuss ideas with others who are interested in Wicca as well so that you will be able to become much more knowledgeable with the passing of each day. There are also a number of books in print today surrounding the subject of Wicca to help individuals better understand as well.

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