Weather Spells

A Weather Spell For Rain
On the altar arrange two candles, one red on the right for the Gods, jasmine incense in the middle, and white candle to the left for the goddess. Put four candles of green to represent the four winds. Light the two altar candles and the incense. Open the circle and start the chant. As you call upon the Gods of the four winds light the candles one at a time.

I call up the God and Goddess from above to bring to me your labor of love.
Bring to me almight ones, rain and clouds to block the sun.
I call up Brontes the God of thunder to bring for the your noise.
I call upon the God Steropes to send forth your lightning.
I call upon Ganymede, cup bearer to the Gods, to sprinkle our part of the earth with rain.
I call upon the North wind God Boreas.
I call upon the West wind God Zephyrus.
I call upon the East wind God Euras.
I call upon the South Wind God Notus.
I call the God Arges to bring his thunder bolt.
I call upon the the Goddess Iris to bring her rainbow.
I call you all To join the Goddess Minerva.
With your power bring the Rain.

Weather Spells
The most effective means of rasing winds, especially for sailing, is to carry a knotted string, usually with 3 knots which are gradually loosened as stronger winds are desired.
To bring rain: beat a broom upon the river and then shake it at the sky to stop rain or storm: Bury a cup, preferably metal or bass, in order to stop heavy rain and bring fair weather. Gather oak leaves in a man's shirt and when its full hang it on a tree; a wind springs up directly that drives all rain away, and keeps the weather fair.
To raise a storm: Dip a rag into water and beat it 3 times on a stone: " I knock this rag upon this stone To raise the wind in the devil's name It shall not lye till I please again"

Spell To Call The Wind
This is usually best done when there is at least a breath of a wind but can be done when there is none by an adept person. This should only ever be done by someone who understands the concequences. If you alter global weather patterns... well, we can see right now what El Nino is doing!
First, get the proper seal of solomon (the last of Mars I believe). Go out of doors where you feel the breeze. Feel the wind on your face and turn to it's source. Close your eyes and with the seal between your hands, invoke it's power using your will. Next, direct your will and the power of the seal towards the source of the wind and visualize it picking up and blowing a tempist.

Rain Spell
you will need:
- a map of the area you want the rain
- some rice
- bowl filled with water or small river
- you may wish to add candles/incense to suit you
Conjure up your magick circle
Place the rice over the exact area you wish it to rain
and chant the following:
On these places that there is rice
Some seasonal rain would be nice
But not so much the rain should flood
Or those in need would drown in mud
Anu and Lugh blessed be
And as my will so mote it be

Say this till you feel is right the fold the map with the rice still in it and submurge in water. Thank the gods again and close the circle. It should rain in a week or so--or repeat if needed
You can slightly change the chant to suit your needs

The Calling of the Wind
Whistle thrice in the direction of east. Stand after whistling and intone in a strong voice: "Wind, power of air! Come forth to this day! Blow out the old and whisk in the new. Let me call the winds, the winds of change!"

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