The wiccan god

In Universal Eclectic Wicca, there are two sets of Gods, the first being
the Lord and Lady, who represent the natural duality of the universe
and are "unnamed." The Lord and Lady are invoked in public group
rituals unless the members of a group all agree on a name for them for
ritual use. Commonly, groups that have "become" Universal Eclectic
Wicca organizations maintain all of their rituals unchanged, adopting
our laws and ways of teaching, but in large "festival" situations, the
term "Lord and Lady" will replace their chosen names so that any
person who is familiar with Universal Eclectic Wicca will feel at home
in a ritual they lead.

The Lord and Lady, put in that order not because of some patriarchal
plot, but because of its easier to speak rhythm, represent all of the
aspects of the divine force tied into one dual-divinity. In drawings, the
Lord and Lady are a two sided face, like the Roman god Janus, with
one side male and the other female. They are inseparable, a single coin
with two sides, and each side made up of a billion facets. To say
"Lady" is to pay tribute to one side of that coin, to say Lord and Lady
is to pay tribute to the coin as a whole. Universal Eclectic Wicca is
dualistic in that way...we do not consider groups who worship a
"Goddess" without a "God" as ANY MORE Wiccan than a group
which worships a "God" without a "Goddess."

A case can be made here, and it often is, that the "God" has been
being worshipped for two thousand years, to the exclusion of the
Goddess. There are two very legitimate reasons to not use this as an
excuse to exclude the God.

The first is the simplest, two wrongs don't
make a right, another kindergarten axiom that hasn't ceased to apply.
The second is a bit longer, put simply, the God worshipped by the
Christians IS NOT the Wiccan God, and the fact that he is not
dependent on a feminine force proves this. The Gods of Wicca are interdependent, male needing female, female needing male. I am not
saying that a celestial therapist is needed to alter some great codependency
crisis in the heavens, merely that The Gods are incapable
of creation separately. Yes, they can replicate, and I'm sure when we
find a way to create egg-egg and sperm-sperm embryos, we, too, will
be able to replicate into little beings exactly one- half of our selves, but
actual DNA crossover won't be as effective, and an all-woman, or allman
community would find its gene pool getting smaller and smaller
and smaller, until it died out...interdependency in action. True unique
creation requires more than one sex, from the smallest one-celled
creatures to human beings, so the belief in a single creator, or creatrix,
just doesn't hold up to the axiom shared by Wiccans and Hermetic
philosophers, "As above, so below." A philosopher once told me, "If
you are looking out of a window at the calm waters of a lake, and you
cannot see the moon behind you, study its reflection." We are the
reflections of divinity, and at least for now, the reflection it casts is

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