Situate a small bowl of any material in a place of prominence in your home, somewhere
you pass by every day. Each day for seven days put one dime in the bowl. Next, obtain
a green candle, any shape or kind.
Before you begin, fix in your mind the idea that you are a prosperous person. See
money as being no problem. Imagine money coming to you, as you need it.
Place the bowl of dimes, the candle and a candleholder on a flat surface. Hold the
candles in your hands and feel the power of money. Feel the avenues that open to you
when you have it. Sense the energy within money, which we as human beings have
given to it. Place the candle in the holder. Pour the seven dimes into your left hand. You
will create a circle surrounding the candles with the dimes. Place the first dime directly
before the candle. As you place it say there or similar words:
"Money flow, money shine
Money grow, Money's mine."
Repeat this 6 more times until you've created a circle around the candle with seven
gleaming dimes.
As you say the words and place the dimes, know that you're not just reciting and fooling
around with pieces of metal. You're working with power - that which we've given money
as well as that which is within yourself. Words too have energy, as does the breathe on
which they ride.
When you've completed this, light the candle. Strike a match and touch its tip to the
wick. As it puts up the fire, sputters, to a shining flames, see money burning these. See
the power of money flowing out from the seven dimes up to the candle's flames and then
out to the atmosphere.
Blow out the match and settle down before the glowing candle and money. Sense the
feeling of money in your life. Visualize a life with money to spare - a life in which bills are
quickly paid and money will never again be a problem.
See yourself wisely spending money, investing it for your future needs. See money as
an unavoidable and beautiful aspect of your life.
Kill off any thoughts of debt, of taxes, of doubt that you can achieve this change. Simply
see what will be.
After ten minutes or so, leave the area. Let the candle burn itself out in the holder.
Afterward, collect the dimes, place them back in the bowl, & "feed" it a few coins every
day from then on.
Money will come to you.

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