Personal Energy

Our Body is a channel of Energy. The center of our energy system is our chakras. The
chakras are energy transfer points within the body, and are responsible for
regulating the energy field of the body. There are seven major chakras located along
the spine, 21 minor chakras (two are located in the palms of the hand), and there are over
101 other energy points located across the body. The chakras help to regulate the flow of
energy within the body and to form the auric bodies. The auric bodies are basically shells
of energy which surround the body. This energy field is known as the aura; some people
like to call it the Human Energy Field. More on this later.
The body stores energy for normal and magickal use. In addition, the body can channel
energy from outside sources to replenish itself and for use in magick. People tend to have
three types of internal energy:
• Life essence
• Normal energy
• Magickal energy

All living things and all items in creation contain energy. The ground, sky, rocks,
crystals, trees, plants, animals, elemental forces, etc., all contain energy. The combined
energy field of all things in creation can be tapped when working with magick. This
combined energy field is often referred to as the ether.
All living beings have the potential to be able consciously to transfer energy to
other people. This is most often seen through prayer and good wishes. Magickal people
can send energy to other people. This type of energy forms the third type of energy listed.
It is energy that is freely given.
To use energy, you must first learn to sense the energy and then to control those senses
Warning: Make sure you always rest enough and feel well before executing any of
the following exercises. Anyway Your body will tell you if you feel good enough to
go on with the exercises. Remember if you don´t have enough rest before doing
these exercises, it might be very dangerous. This is why many magicians who went
overboard died in the past… They simply executed a lot of rituals that were energy
intensive without the needed rest.

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