Ability of sight, ability to hear

Throughout my maternal side of the family, for generations we have been able to see things before they happen. My personal gift or ability is having the ability to see spirits or ghosts, whichever you preffer. They seem to be quite attracted to me as they come around quite often. Although, I can only see them and feel their presence.
What I would eventually like to be able to do is find some way of communicating with them. There have been times where they try to communicate through pounding on the walls, making lights flash rapidly, turning on the stereo and flipping stations ect... And anytime I discuss them or even type about them as I am doing just now, the room grows completely cold and all of my hair stands on end.

I sometimes see them as a figure of a person like in a lithograph, kind of translucent and others just a faint enbodyment of a facial structure, staring at me. Sometimes I can feel it as if they are physially touching me and others like a light breeze.

It is very rare, that I ever feel at all threatened by them at all. Mostly it is as if they are just curious about my ability to see them, as they generally have either a saddened or confused look to their faces.

A few times I have had dreams where they have spoken to me. One time in paticular, a woman that I grew quite fond of seeing asked me not to summon her too much as she had her own life to lead as well. Now I am not too sure, if it was just a lucid dream or if she was actually using my subconcious to get a message to me.

My mother and two sisters, dont wish to have anything to do with their gifts. They think them to be evil. When my sister was younger she had black spirits hovering over her bed while she was trying to get some sleep. And my mother cast them away.

I have seen three such black spirits myself and they hover about me on occasion, I am not sure who or what they are or if they are good or bad, but I never feel any threat of them at all.

There has been other times when, I will be sitting staring at a wall just relaxing and not really thinking at all and I begin to see something that I can only compare to, heavy grey mist, kind of like thick molecules in a concentrated space all circling about each other, in like a syrup like thickness or like that of a fuzzy television screen.
If I concentrate on it, it begins to open up and I see another room or another time, I can therefore walk through and see people talking and acting normal as if they dont even know that I am there.

Though, if I lose concentration, it closes up again.
There have been other times, where I have experienced out of body type of experiences, where I am looking back down at myself in heavy meditation at the same time, when I was able to reopen my eyes, it was as if my body was paralized and I felt as if a heavy pressure was upon my chest. And I was staring again at a heavy dark grey moving concentrated mist, just then I felt as if I fell back into my body where I feel tired and drained.

In the past I have been able to make concentrated energy balls of white light, which I was able to essentially throw or cast a fireball like sphere. As well as I have quite often lucid dreams where I am flying and fast, I can feel the air pass by my body, and I have the ability to become weightless and just lift up as if I were swimming in a pool of water, though never able to do it in the body.

I am still not quite sure what my gifts are but they seem to be fading a little more as the years of no direction and practice go on. I do not wish to lose them yet I want to learn how to harness them and make the best of them.

My main concern though is to see if I can harness the ability of hearing the spirits that seek me out. So I can try and see what it is that they want of me and why they call on me so often. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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