Tarot-Wishing Prayer-Spell


1. Tarot Cards or Oracle cards

2. One white candle, any size.

3. SYMBOLIC offering to your God or Goddess (I used Red Roses for The Goddess Isis...use whatever you believe will work for YOU, be it incense, flowers, food etc. )


Pick out the cards whose IMAGES or CARD MEANINGS you feel symbolize the wish you want to be granted by your specific deity.

ex. you can choose the Star card to symbolize your intent of receiving hope about a certain situation, or you can choose the lovers card etc. depending on what you are wishing for.

Browse through the cards before picking....DO NOT pick out cards blindly. Do take the time out to consider what you really want and which cards have the greatest impact on you and your intent.

Pick around 6 or more cards, depending again on your intent. If you feel the number of cards you have wheteher it is just 1 or 10 have justified or already symbolize the area of your life you are praying or wishing for, then you may begin the next steps.

Arrange the cards in a pattern you like...a circle, or a square or a line....then in the middle, place the white candle (i assume you have a candle holder or a plate to put it on)...Above, just place your SYMBOLIC offering (it would help to know your deity better, to know which things are often attributed to incense etc.)...light the candle.

Begin by invoking or inviting your Deity.

After that....there is actually no need to do rhymes (unless you like)

I just honestly suggest that you TALK to your deity FREELY telling Him or Her your desires, what you wnat to happen in your life....

It would help to look at the cards one by one and say something about the area of your life that needs help with....

TALK to your deity as long as you like...If you feel you have said enough....

Blow out the candle...clean up your stuff...and trust in Him or Her.

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