Spells,Rituals-Advices to choose well

Many people look for solutions difficult problems or complicated critical moments resorting to the magic of the spells or rituals and indeed the magic has many arguments to help the people to surpass different types from problems already are of love, money, work, studies, protection etc, etc, The problem is in which when the person looks for suitable spells or rituals are with an enormous torrent of prescriptions, spells and advice that make it feel confused and indeciso.

IT DISCOVERS here, that criteria you must follow at the time of choosing an advisable ritual spell. SOME CRITERIA THAT HELPED TO SELECT YOU.

The ritual spell must have ingredients and materials that are to your reach, you do not try to replace those elements that you do not have by others since I remember to you that: The MAGIC IS the ART and SCIENCE OF the DETALLES.Si says:usa the perfume so to you, you must use this perfume; if they say to you uses a candle of such form, you must use a candle of the indicated form,si beams changes not obtendras the results that delays.

If the spell or ritual is very abundant in synthetic ingredients like plastics, nylon fabrics, tails or others, escogas is better than not it, since the magical energy or is not retained by these materials.

If the spell or ritual is reduced single to mechanical actions for example: pledge a candle with such color and pon this and that and listo.EVITALO, since a spell must have a part in which YOU DECREE WHAT YOU WISH to obtain, if is thus not is purpose and no direction in the displacement of the magical energy towards the objective.

Prudent, it examines or to that forces or organizations are invoked in a ritual spell since not not very often invocations are made elementary beings or even to infernales, first in general they do not get along with the human being and the seconds they are your enemigos.NO YOU BECOME MAS PROBLEMS OF WHICH OR YOU HAVE.

It measures your forces, persistence and budget since some ritual spells you must repeat it with certain frequency of time, nonserious wise person who you remain halfway. Finally it uses your intuition and it comes by AFFINITY when choosing between the ritual spells that are after made this purification. Which remembers that this is single a part, lack is that you have a at least basic preparation on like making rituals.

Teacher. Martín.

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