Spell to attract Money

Be guided by these planetary hours and arrange your actions and encounters accordingly.

Sunday - 6.00am or 1.00 and 8.00pm
Monday - 3.00 and 10.00am or 5.00 and 12.00pm
Tuesday - 7.00am or 2.00 and 9.00pm
Wednesday - 4.00 and 11.00am or 6.00pm
Thursday - 1.00 and 8.00am or 3.00 and 10.00pm
Friday - 5.00 and 12.00am or 7.00pm
Saturday - 2.00 and 9.00am or 4.00 and 11.00pm

Prosperity is here for all to obtain if approached in a moral and ethical way, but it must be persued with fortitude, tenacity and patience.

Rub some 'Money Drawing Powder' on your wallet, cheque book, lottery tickets and sprinkle a little on your clothes and in your shoes.

Each morning on arising, sprinkle a little 'Gold Magnetic Sand' or 'Silver Magnetic Sand', across the doorway to your home or place of bussiness.
While you are sprinkling the 'Magnetic Sand' pray earnestly and sincerely and recite this affirmation.

"My mind is full of goodness, my body is full of energy, my soul is full of faith and my pockets are full of the rewards of my work." In your daily bath, sprinkle a few drops of 'Money Oil' to draw money toward you."

To begin your ritual, only 'Attract Money Granular Incense' should be burned on 'Charcoal Blocks' and this should be burned at the Jupiter hours listed above.
Once you have lit your incense, take three 'Green Natural Candles' which have been anointed with 'Money Oil' and arrange them in a triangular shape around your burning incense.

Next, write on a small piece of 'Parchment', the amount of money needed and place it underneath the 'Green Candle' which represents the tip of the triangle formation.

Now, sprinkle a little 'Magnetic Sand' in a line between one candle and the next in your triangular formation of candles.

Light the candles beginning with the 'Green Candle' which has the parchment underneath it in a clockwise direction. Recite the above affirmation as you do this.

As your incense and candles burn recite Psalm 72 and sit quietly and visualise financial rewards coming to you.

Allow the candles and incense to burn for one hour. Repeat this ritual on three consecutive days. Wait three days and repeat the ritual once again.

Do not forget that all fortune gained through the use of magic should be shared with those less fortunate than yourself. If this is not done, your improved conditions will not last beyond two moons.

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