Mother Nature Binding

This was actually inspired while I was relaxing at this park. A black ribbon will definitely help you, I really recommend it but if you its not handy its ok, this is an all natural binding spell anyway. No paper, nothing man made, this is why I think this binding is ALWAYS so potent.

Go some where that has lots of trees, flower, etc. find the biggest leaf you can find, old or new up to you. I chose an old leaf. Fine some thing that can be the rope…like dried up vines or long enough grass, but make sure if you can tie it, it won’t untwine. Now the person I bound was someone who was planning on doing something bad to me, so I got this weird plant that’s real…I forget the word, But if you put your fingers against it, you would bleed. So I wrapped the leaf in that, symbolizing their cold/evil heart…the leaf itself symbolized the person’s (mind, body, and soul). If you can’t find an ugly little flower or something, its ok…use whatever you can think of or nothing. * If you have a black ribbon, get the vines as well you can use both of them for double power.*
Once you’ve done all that and got the vine or grass…take 3 breaths, visualize the person standing and out of the ground and a vine growing from the ground binding their feet then their arms, mouth, eyes, etc. get in the mindset and feel how it feels to be tied tight…breathless. Hold them in the vines of MOTHER NATURE *cackle* it reminds me of that vine lady from Batman. After you see them…have fun with it and imagine the vines growing flowers.

* If your using the black ribbon imagine the vines…then imagine a black rope tying them on top of the vines, feel the tightness. Then imagine another set of vines growing over that triple power.

After that bind the leaf with whatever you’ve got. While doing that hold the picture of them bound or imagine more ribbons/vines growing stronger. Dig a hole with your hands and bury it as deep as you cant. Recite

“ Even if this symbol unties,
let the binding hold throughout time.
By earth, air, fire, and sea.
As I will it so mote it be.”

Cover it up and trace a pentacle over the soil, pat it with your power hand and then stomp on it 3 times. Then get rid of the traced pentacle, so no one see’s it.

An alternative to this spell is put it on moving water or my personal favorite…SET IT ON FIRE!!!

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