It is very important for everyone to feel safe and happy within his or her homes. Feelings
of angry or resent not only build up inside of us, but they also build up in our homes. We
have all entered a home that just did not feel safe or warm. While in that home, the built
up energies invaded us, leaving us feeling angry, frightened, or just uncomfortable. This
is not something you want to live with on a constant basis.
The following steps can be performed when doing a home blessing. The first and most
important step is the purification. It will do you little good to bless the home if little angry
thought gremlins are hiding in the corner. Get rid of them; sweep them out into the
street. Next bless the home to protect it and bring about warm and safe feelings. Make
your home your sanctuary. The last step would be to set up a permanent household
altar that all in the family can use. This will provide yet another space for magick; no
matter what religion your family members follow.
You can perform the ritual below or make you own home blessing. The ritual below is a
fill in the blank outline. You may not necessarily want the same things out of your home
as I do, so I have left it blank for you to choose.
Purification Supplies:
Incense (purifying scent) and Censer
Chalice of Saltwater
Cleaning Supplies
Broom if available
Begin by spending as much time needed to thoroughly clean your home. Get behind
that fridge, sweep away those cobwebs on the ceiling, organize your closest. If your
walls need a fresh bit of paint go for it. Why all the cleaning? Magick must always be
reinforced on the physical realm. What good would it do to get rid of the angry thought
gremlins when there are twenty melted lollipops behind the fridge?
Now it is time to work your ritual. Begin by opening all your windows and doors to allow
fresh clean air in. If you are worried about the neighbors looking in, I don't feel that
pulling the blinds would be a problem.
Pick up you broom and visualize yourself sweeping all the negativity out of the house
through the open doors. I would begin with the farthest room from the front door so that
all the negativity eventually finds its way outside.
Now place your tools upon a table and light the incense. Take a moment feel the
energies within the house. Is there any negativity still lingering about? Where is it? What
does it feel like? Really tune into the feeling of your home.
Now place your hands over your tools and charge them with the power to cleanse your
home. Pick up your chalice and travel clockwise through your house. Sprinkle the
saltwater into every corner of each room, visualize the water washing away negativity,
visualize the salt burning the negativity away, and recite:
"By the powers of Earth and Water, I cleanse this house!"
Return to the table and pick up the censer incense. Take the same route through your
home, visualize the smoke clearing away the negativity, and recite:
"By the powers of Fire and Air, I cleanse this house!"

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