Go outside during the daytime and find yourself a large tree. Oak is the best choice, but
any large tree will do. (Deciduous trees are better than evergreens for some reason; go
figure!) Place the palm of your projective hand (right if right handed, left if left handed)
upon the trunk of the tree and say something like this to the tree:
"Blessed tree, my brother (or sister) of wood, I am in great need of your healing. I feel
hollow inside, as my depression grips at my very heart. I ask that you aid me, assist me
in healing myself of this. Please assist me to feel strong and solid inside, assist me in
being happy again."
Now, sit down facing the sun and lean your back against the trunk of the tree. As you
become more relaxed, feel yourself melt into the trunk, becoming one with the tree. Feel
that you have become a branch, full of leafy foliage. Feel the Sun beat down upon you.
Drink in the Light of the Sun God. Feel His Love fill you, pushing your sadness into the
tree. Fill yourself with the energy of the sun, and allow this to pass through you into the
tree as well.
You are now part of the tree; you are the tree. Feel the overwhelming Wisdom locked
into your wood, your leaves. Feel all that it is to be a tree.
Now, slowly, feel yourself separate from the tree, becoming human again. Lean forward,
and stand. Face the tree, and thank it. If you feel like it, give it a hug!
You and the tree are now one; you are the tree, and the tree is now you. Love the tree,
and care for it. The better the tree is cared for, the happier you will be in the long run!
And become one with the tree as often as you need to by performing the above ritual
and enjoy! If you ever need to move far from the tree, explain this to it, and give it back
the woody feeling inside, and it will give you back the human feeling it has. When you
move, find a new tree. Also, if you can, whoever moves into the place you were in, if at
all possible, ask them to take special care of this tree because it has meaning to you.

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