Charge for spellwork

*This charges energy sent out (spell)

*You’ll need a bell.
*You can light a red (Enery, POWER!!) candle if you want, but its not necessary. You words and actions are really the key.

Cast your circle, invite the elements, including Akasha.
For Akasha I usually say “welcome Akasha, element of spirits”

I chant this 8 minutes, because it symbolizes change and energy.

I recite:
“Planets, Elements, candle’s wick.
Charge my spell, make it stick.
Serpents blood and dragons fire
Charge my spell, my true desire.”

At first think of the spell you want to charge, if you visualized when you were doing the spell, visualize the outcome again if you didn’t just think of it. After you’ve done that, start! Focus on power, focus on energy. Say the words, wring the bell. Keep going. After 6 minutes, I don’t wring the bell. I use my body to symbolize the words.

So when I say Planets. I wave my hand across the sky to symbolize the 9 planets or how ever many there are.
For elements I turn around 360 cause the elements are around me. “candle’s wick”
I put my index finger and thumb together and imagine im feeling a candles wick.
“charge my spell” I release my hands like Piper does on Charmed. When she freezes/Blows. “Make it stick” I slap my hands together. “serpents blood” I pass my hand on the floor and try to imagine the blood through my hands, thick and warm. “dragons fire” I pretend im a dragon and put my hand to my mouth backwards in a fist and I release it and part it
from my mouth, that can be the fire. “charge my spell” the same as before and “true desire” I lay my hands on my heart.

I repeat that for the 2 minutes.

*What I do is when im done and say “so mote it be” I imagine the energy that was the spell as a hand. If what you did was black magic? Black-Charcoal hand. White? White-Angelic hand. Anyways, the energy I just raised with the chant, I imagine it leaving and going into the hand and the hand growing thicker, stronger, bigger, etc. that’s like am affirmation.

Do whatever feels right.
Blessed be

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