Magic Powerful Love Spell

After you have cleared yourself of negativity if you prepare and ask for the universe to send you the person whom you truly desire and need to grow; you'll receive exactly what you wish for. It's exactly this law, which means you should be very cautious about exploiting your wishing power simply at a whim. You will need and attraction oil made from: seven drops of rose oil Seven drops of sandalwood oil One clove Seven drops of lavender Seven times that measure of sweet almond oil Blend the above, except for the sweet almond oil, in a mortar and pestle, crushing the clove in smoothly with the mixture. As you do so, breathe in rose-colored light, and visualize your body beginning to radiate a faint rosy glow the longer you breathe this in. Take the mixture, including the sweet almond oil, and fill a rose-colored glass jar. This does not have to be expensive, in fact, decorating and painting a jar yourself can add greatly to this spell's power. What is significant is its special quality for you, so be sure to choose well. At seven each morning for seven days, commencing on a Friday, anoint each of your chakra points with this oil. Massage the oil well in, enjoying the voluptuous sensation and scent. Visualize yourself radiating love, being a divine magnet for attracting your true soul mate. Wish for this to happen for the good of all. At seven each evening, light rose-colored candles in your bathroom, the mix seven parts of the blend into your bath water. Enjoy the water and admire your body bathed in the light from the candles. Luxuriate in this sensuous bath for about twenty minutes. Dry yourself with fresh towels, and retire to your bedroom for rest and early bedtimes on fresh sheets. Do not watch television. Listen to uplifting music or read some wonderful words but do not watch the horrors of the news —this will only deplete the radiant energy you are working so hard to revive.

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