Ever thought of wanting to get out of a relationship but dint know how? Ever felt trapped in a relationship that you really dint want to be in? Better still ever wanted to break up your best friend and her guy because you had a crush on him first? We have something that can help.


Lemon -1
Confusion/ Break up Oil – 1 bottle
Confusion/ Break up Powder – 1 bottle
Break up incense – 1 jar
Break up jar candle or 9 Offertory candles
9 needles
Black fabric – 1 yard
Cotton Twine – 1 roll
Brown Paper
Red and Black pen
Personal content of both you and your lover
Aspirin –6
A piece of wood or steel
Empty glass jar
Vinegar – 1 bottle


First coat the Break up candle or the 9 candles with the break up oil and then blow on it.
Break up powder and pepper on them. Next cut two brown papers whose diameter is little larger than that of the lemon centre and write each of the parties names on each bit of paper nine times. Use only black color ink for the person you want to have out of your life and red color ink for the other person. Then have the edges of the paper ripped so they become rough sided. This ritual has to be performed only during the hour of Mars and during the waning phase of the moon. Once the Mars hour has begun, have either the big candle or any one of the 9 offertory candles lit and burn 1 teaspoon of break up incense over ignited charcoal. Then have the lemon cut in half and affix the personal item of one of the people in the relationship into the lemon flesh and say:

“In the name of the Holy Father, the Holy Ghost I baptize you (insert the name of the person).”
Have the same thing done for the other person as well with the other half of the lemon.
Next, take the first lemon again and insert three aspirin into the lemon flesh and say:

“(Name of first person), from this day forth the relationship with (Name of second person) will turn sourer than this lemon. Every time you are together, things will become sourer.”
Repeat the same process for the other lemon half. Remember to interchange the names this time.

Next take the name chits and put a cross mark on the each of the name. You may curse them each time you put an X mark across their names. Once this is done, sprinkle more break up powder on the paper and have it placed on each half of the lemon making sure that the names are facing out. Place the 2 halves together inserting the wood piece or steel between them. Have nine needles inserted around the lemon such that the lemon in such a way that the lemon is held together by the needles. As you are doing this, you may curse the person nine times , one for each needle. Now have the lemon wrapped in black cloth and bind it with twine. Tie nine knots as the lemon is being wrapped. Then coot the lemon with the break up oil once again and have it buried under fresh earth. Everyday, take the lemon out once and smoke it over the incense and repeat the 9 curses that you had cursed the couple with.

After 9 days, remove the cloth, the 9 needles the twine from the lemon. Have the name chit removed from the lemon and then have it burnt. Then place the 2 bits of lemon in 2 different glass jars and fill it with vinegar. Have the jar wrapped in black fabric, throw the jar into the sea or a moving source of water like a river. Then turn back and leave without looking back.

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