The Charge of the God.

by Ray Fagan

Whenever you have need of my strength and power, or when my sun reaches a spoke of the great wheel, then shall you assemble into a holy place and cry out for the king stag, who is the sacred King of all witches.

I am the king stag, who leads and protects the herd. I am the white hart who is chased but can never be caught, the wild goat who would give his last breath to create new life, the unicorn and the dragon of legends ancient wrought, and the dark horned hunter who strikes terror into the night! I am the sun and the wind and the sea. I am the storm and the lightning and the thunder. I am the stone and the fire and the steel. I am the blade which can cut men asunder. I am life, and I am death. I am nature. Love me and respect me -- or fear me. The choice is yours.

I am the lusty young satyr who spawned you, the loving father who raised and protected you, and the wise old man who taught you wisdom during your life and understanding during your death. I will be there each time you are born, each time you fall in love, and when you die, for I do love you.

These are the three great magicks which you shall learn at my hand: birth, love, and death. For these are the three greatest changes of life; and what is magick, but the ability to effect change? The secret of life is that it is incomplete without death. The secret of death is that it is but a doorway to new beginnings. The secret of love is that it never dies.

Serve me with strength and gentleness. Protect mine with courage and mercy. Worship me with mirth and with reverence. Sing, dance, make music, and make love, all in my name, for all acts of love and joy are my rituals. And remember, if you find not that which you seek within yourself, you shall never find it without; for behold, I have been with you from the beginning and am that which is attained at the end of desire

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