I named this article "DO YOU BELIEVE" because that is what success boils down to. Your success will be measured by your answer to this question. DO YOU BELIEVE THAT YOU CAN HAVE A BETTER LIFE? If you answered yes, GREAT! You will- no doubt it. You wouldn't be able to stop your success if you tried.
If you said no, well your right you won't. It's as simple as that. However, you CAN if you want to step out of your comfort zone. If you follow the steps in this article. YOU WILL HAVE SUCCESS! It is a proven fact time after time. And there is no stopping you, you will have phenomenal success.


Take 10 minutes now (and every day from now on) to quietly think about the future you wish to have. See it in your mind, affirm it with your thoughts repeatedly and believe it into becoming real.
Your current lifestyle is simply the manifestation of your thoughts, beliefs and actions up to this point in your life. If you have any desire to change and improve your life now, you must begin to think, believe and act differently. As you do this, your world will change in the direction of your new thoughts, beliefs and actions.

Affirm that your business is the best business in the world... and it will be so.

Affirm that you have everything that it takes to succeed... and it will be so.

Affirm that the right people at the right time are attracted to you... and it will be so.

Affirm that you have enough money to meet your financial demands... and it will be so.

Affirm that your income is doubling now... and it will be so.

This is not hocus pocus. This is the way the mind and the material universe works.
If you don't believe in yourself or believe that it's possible for you to succeed in anthing, you're right... you won't.

"If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right."

You must always start with the invisible and work your way toward the visible. You must always start with your thoughts. Everything ever created was first created by having an idea (vision) and then believing that the idea was possible to achieve. You must use this "secret" formula too.
If, right now, you don't really believe that it's possible to succeed in your business, (or life) you are silently communicating to the people around you that it's not. This silent communication (telepathy) will be the life or death of your hopes and dreams.
If you silently believe that you will fail in this business, don't worry... This can be fixed easily!

Here's how:

- Grab a pen and pad of paper.
- Go somewhere that's quiet and comfortable.
- Sit down, then write down and ask yourself the following questions:
-Do I deserve to be prosperous and wealthy?
-Do I deserve to be paid for enjoying myself?
-Is money my friend?
-Is my financial life easy?
-Is it OK for me to exceed my goals?
-Would it be fun for me to be wealthy?
-Can I allow others to support my financial success?

As you ask yourself each question, one at a time, notice (and do not judge) the response that your mind produces. Write down your response to each question. Then ask yourself the same question and notice if you get the same response each time or a different response.

Continue writing down your responses to each question. Remember, do not judge your responses. It's not the right time to force a positive response. You are seeking the natural, unconscious response that your mind produces to each question.
The purpose of this exercise is to understand yourself... to understand your DEEPER attitudes and beliefs about money and success. This exercise can be quite illuminating. It's possible that you will (if you don't judge your responses) understand yourself and your relationship to money and success much better after this exercise. You might, in fact, see for the first time your own limiting attitudes and beliefs. If so, CONGRATULATIONS! Awareness, is the first step in the healing process.

After all, it is a healing we are seeking. To struggle financially is not healthy. You were born to be wealthy. We live in an abundant universe and if you are not experiencing prosperity and freedom in your life right now, you have consciously or unconsciously disconnected yourself from the source of abundance. It is time to re-connect, to heal your relationship with this source.
It's time to claim your birthright.
Commit to repeating the following 11 affirmations every day with strong conviction and positive emotion for at least 10 minutes per day:

-I deserve to be prosperous and wealthy.
-I deserve to be paid for enjoying myself.
-Money is my friend.
-I have plenty of money.
-My presence alone produces valuable results.
-My financial life is easy.
-It is OK for me to exceed my goals.
-Beauty, power and harmony abound in my mind.
-It is fun for me to be wealthy.
-I now allow others to support my financial success.
-My well being has nothing to do with my financial success.
Developing these statements into beliefs will transform you into a magnet for wealth and success. It will create the silent communication necessary to influence others on a subconscious level to respond and become attracted to you and your business.
The statements above contain immeasurable power. Wake up with them on your mind, sing them in the shower, eat them with your lunch, savor them for dessert, make them your companion as you lay your head down to sleep at night and allow them to dance with you in the world of your dreams! :-)
Do this and the world will conspire to fulfill YOUR deepest wishes and desires.

$$$ :-) $$$ :-) $$$ :-) $$$ :-) $$$ :-)

-You have to born into a successful family
-That person was at the right place at the right time
-It's all about luck (no such thing)
-I am happy with a mediocre lifestyle (you are lying to yourself-deep down you know you don't want to stress about your bills, money, and you know you want more time with your kids. ARE YOUR KIDS WORTH YOU CHANGING YOUR THOUGHTS? Oh and by the way what do you think your kids will do? I will tell you = they will develop the same thing and they will be a step ahead of you and me, they would have been raised in a positive successful family! Even if you don't have a business, follow these steps and YOU WILL SEE A POSITIVE DIFFERENCE IN YOUR KIDS-GUARANTEED! I know first hand, I follow this and I have noticed a complete positive turnaround and my kids are VERY happy because of it. I was teaching them with out even realizing it! THAT IS PRICELESS! And your not paying anything to read and follow this.

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